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Was he always like this?

Was he always like this?

It was high time. Radhika had tried everything in her capacity to make her love life more exciting with Samar, but he was never in the mood.

One night, he came home, Radhika had worn her best lingerie, but all he did was give her a look and said- "Babes, you look good, what’s for dinner?"

Radhika did not answer anything. Gathering her shattered heart pieces, she went inside. She didn’t display a flinch of emotion. Came out in her regular clothes and laid out dinner for both of them.

He was seated on the couch watching news.

“Come have it”- she shrieked. The voice was a little low.

“Yah..coming honey…”

And they both had dinner in silence. Post that, she was cleaning up the plates, lost in her nostalgia- once they had been happy, he had gone against his own kin to marry her. Of course, why would someone marry a person five years elder to him- his kin failed to understand.

But now, four years later, everything was ordinary. Normal. Average.

She was cleaning her dishes thinking about the good times when suddenly she felt something. She thought- ‘Oohhh…what was that? Did someone just brush against my waist?’

As soon as she turned back, she felt a hard kiss on her lips. It was him. He held her such that it was impossible to escape his grip, not that she wanted to.

He held her tight and started kissing her all over. “What has gotten into him? Did he just kiss me?” she thought to herself.

Breaking away from the kiss, she shrieked- “What are you doing?”

He replied- “What I should have done a long time back”.

And he took her into a passionate embrace. Radhika just let go. She had experienced something beyond after a long time.

She just smiled and kissed him on his shoulders.

He lifted her up and proceeded towards the bedroom. They started undressing.

‘You’re taking an awful long time honey’ he said and tore her top.

‘Hmm…violet bra…not bad’

She blushed. He ripped apart her lingerie and put his face in between her breasts. He started mouthing them, one by one.

This made her nipples even harder. He started sucking them and she moaned a little more.

He then started going south. He blew on her belly button. She giggled.

‘Your giggle is more arousing baby’. She giggled some more.

He started going further and her breath started getting shorter.

“Shall I?”

“Please….yes” she gasped.

And he obeyed her orders. He pulled down her underwear. Why did she seem all the more pretty today?

He dived into her. Filling a vacuum like never before, she started moaning.

He was licking her clitoris and she was getting wetter by the minute.

‘Wow babe...should I…’

‘DON’T STOP!!’ she screamed.

And he just did that. After three hundred seconds of enhanced licking, kissing and sucking, she had an intensive orgasm.

“Are you fine?”

All she could answer was hyper breathing.

“Game for more?”

“Are you serious?”

Their feverish love making had made him all the more geared up and it was time to take it to the fifth gear.

He entered her, bit by bit, taking his own sweet time. She gave out a big sigh. Then he entered her fully and she became uncontrollable.

She had never ever felt this level of pleasure before. He was becoming a beast.

He started gaining momentum. His strokes were increasing and were matched by her gyration.

Together they were yin and yang. Plunged into the throes of ecstasy and pleasure, they were in some other place altogether.

And neither wanted to come back.

Finally he came and so did she. This was the most intense lovemaking they had ever done.

He was done. So done. And so was she.

He then rolled over and came towards her. He took her in his arms.

She hugged him. Her tightest hug ever. “What just happened to you today?”

“You happened to me. Five years back. I was just lost in this dreary monotony and forgot there is someone meaningful in my life. Just reminded that to myself today.”

She giggled.

“Ohh…that giggle”. And he came and gave her a peck on her lips. He looked at her. She saw hunger in those eyes.

It was a long night. They had tasted blood now.