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The Legal Counsel Battle

The Legal Counsel Battle

“Good morning.”

Pankaj’s voice startled me. It had a very deep tone. When I looked at him, it was as if looking at my knight in shining armor.

“Good morning,” I said when my voice allowed me. It’s not everyday you get to see your muse.

He walked in and suddenly the atmosphere zoomed with a unique energy. He made a confident eye contact. Intimidation was definitely his forte.

I decided to proceed to ask- “Does anyone want to say anything prior to the meeting?

“Yes. Thanks for asking.” he said.

Wow. One really couldn’t miss the sarcasm in his voice.

“My legal team has advised me to not indulge you much, but I am breaking that deal to talk to you. I’m actually flattered you chose me as the basis of your fantasies.

And, I would like to know more about you,” he continued. “Maybe if we could find something to agree upon...” His voice had a certain seductive quality to it.

But, I wanted to sort the matter first. “Yes. You have been given ten minutes.” I replied and smiled- my most cocky one till now.

“I just need five.” He barely moved.

We looked at our respective legal team. They stood up to go to give us our privacy.

Pankaj looked at me and so did I. After what seemed a lifetime of staring at each other, I broke the silence. Had to. It was unnerving. “You’re not exactly what I expected” I said.

“The feeling is mutual.”

“Few moments ago, you planned to sue me. What happened now?”

“Still thinking on it.”

I remained silent.

After an awkward silence, he said “Well…we could turn this scenario into a better one.”

“And how is that?”

“By bringing your fantasies into reality...”

What? Did he just mention under hushed tones that he too wants what I desire? Wait, do I really desire? What the hell was I thinking?

Mounting confidence, I replied- “Well, I don’t think you could perform as well as in my fantasies. No offense, but my character always makes the ladies laugh.”

“And make them want more. Of me. My aura, my smell, my everything” he continued.

We had a forbidden moment.

“Tell me something,” I leaned forward. “Do you like that? Giving your women a hard time?”

“Well, let’s just say you will have to find it out.” And he held me the way just as I had written in my fantasies.

He lifted me, pressed me up against the wall and haled me passionately. His pull was so sudden and wanting, that I was stunned to see him this way. His small feathery kisses, his sucking, all of it took me a notch higher. Never before had I been touched in such a way. His breath was traveling down my neck.

It was as if there was no tomorrow. His fingers intertwined with mine and with the other hand, he held my neck. I breathed a sigh of ecstasy and he locked them with his hungry lips. He licked my neck, like a lion feasting on its prey.

The possession, the obsession, all of it was driving me into an inexplicable ecstasy. Was my fantasy really coming true?

We kissed. For god knows how much time. None of us wanted to end it. Why did it seem so right, so beautiful? He ran his fingers through my hair and pulled them back. He kissed my face, my eyes, my everything.

He sure knew how to handle women.

I looked at him- the most beautiful blue eyes ever and saw passion at its highest. It engulfed me.

He came at me in an instant, lifted me and plonked me on the table. His hands touched my sheer blouse. Then he looked into my eyes, as if requesting permission. I kissed him. That’s it, we were in the throes of passion.

He went down ‘there’. He then inserted a finger and I winced in pleasure. He then put two, and I started breathing heavily. Then he did what he does best in my fantasies. He thrust me with his most potent weapon and I became his.

He was more than ready to claim me. Gaining momentum, he started thrusting hard and soon enough we were approaching our peak. His lips never left mine and I could say he was a gentleman.

Finally we both had our orgasm. I came first, then he. We were still heaving, when he kissed my breasts and came next to me.

Wonder what our lawyers would be thinking. It was quite some time they were standing outside.

“That was…hmmm…fine...wasn’t it, my lady?” he smirked.

Fine? It was bloody fine, I thought. It was more than fine. I kissed him in response and he kissed back harder.

Then there was a knock on the door. That was our cue.

We started wearing our clothes. After a minute, he said yes and our respective legal armies came inside.

“Madam, Sir… hope you both have come up with a middle way to approach this..?” enquired the lawyer, looking at us in a polite manner.

“Yes...i think so” Pankaj looked at me with an innocence that could surpass a child’s.

I stifled my laugh and said- “Everything’s sorted Atharva. He is willing to reconsider…right?” I threw the ball back at him.

“Yes. Now, everything would proceed as she desires.”

We exchanged ‘that’ look and now I know, I have unleashed the beast in him.

Lord, have mercy on me.