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Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar

Of all the nights to have a bad one, it had to be this one. Anita was sitting in a bar, all by herself. The overall ambience was the usual, but the dishy bartender there definitely attracted attention.

With the drinking done, she headed out. She went to her car only to find out that the keys were in it. She had locked herself out. Now what? As she was thinking what to do, there was a tap on her shoulder.

It was the bartender. He asked her what had happened and if he could help her in any way.

After listening to the incident, he looked around. It was just the two of them. It was quite late. He suggested they go inside as it was too cold. He held her by the waist; she was taken aback, but felt…something else. It gave her a sense of security. “Hey are you fine?” he asked smiling, green eyes twinkling. She nodded. He opened the door.

Anita went inside. With the clock striking almost 2, the bar looked very empty. She tried calling her friend to come pick her up. The bartender returned to his routine, wrapping up before he could go.

His body was bent over in such a way that one could see his backside, and it was hmm…ooh-la-la! "Quit staring lady..!" he said without even looking back. Anita, surprised at his bold revert, blushed.

Then gathering some courage, she replied- "Hey, it's not my fault you look sexy." He smiled back, not expecting that a girl could accept she was looking at his back ‘area’. ‘What’s your name girl?’

‘Anita Singh. Yours’?’ ‘Vikas Mantok’. He walked towards her.

Her heart started racing like when someone faces a charging bull, but he passed by her and closed the door. She looked perplexed at him. He smirked. Something was certainly brewing between them, a heady mix perhaps.

He then came towards her. She became nervous. “I can drop you home safely, if you trust me that is.” He winked and took her hand in his. She started to breathe a little louder.

Slowly, his hands started sliding over her stomach. She smiled some more. ‘Are you okay?’ he asked. She held his collar. Then they kissed. Deep. He tangled her hair, making her head go back and passionately started kissing her neck. She felt his stubble on her cheeks- too rough, too irresistible. Their kissing got wilder- their tongues met each other, she could taste the subtle flavor of scotch he had.

The kisses became more passionate. It was almost as if they were possessed, taken over by an urge, an intensity they barely knew. His fingers started clenching her back and she dug her nails into him. Her breasts were against his chest, dress against jeans, bodies entwined. Pushing her in to the nearest table, his hands crawled underneath her dress, exposing, exploring and ravishing her.

Anita’s hands eagerly followed where they took them. They both started undressing, his warm voice whispering in her ears-"Hey gorgeous…can I do that?"

And that’s it. Everything went out of control. Vikas started kissing her above her breasts, tasting the sweat of the evening, the sweet bitterness of her perfume. It sent shivers down her spine. The kisses came closer to her breasts, as he managed to undo her lingerie. Her nipples stood for his welcome with anticipation. Passion flowed between her legs- more than she had ever imagined.

He lightly kissed her toes, calves, thighs, keeping the better part for later, then caressed her stomach and breasts. His eyes had hunger in them. And she was probably hungrier than him.

Widening her legs and inviting him in, never before had she wanted someone so much. He went in her. She wildly bit him in the ecstasy. He came closer to kiss her and their bodies intertwined.

Very slowly, he slid inside her, teasing her all the way. She moaned. His thrusts became faster, wild and profound. It was felt till her heart- like a thumping sound. His teeth found her neck, biting it while she moaned some more. She could feel his breath in her ears.

Both of them rolled towards each other, looking into each other’s eyes; hips finding a perfect rhythm. Desire arose, as the seam of climax was nearing.

And then, they came.

The experience was indescribable.

Her eyes slowly opened after the intensive orgasm to find him looking at her with a smile. He kissed her again, very slowly, held her closer and tighter, leaving a warm tingling in her whole body. His tongue invited her to dance and she answered it with revere. It lasted for what seemed eternity.

He beamed at her asking- “Don’t you wanna go home lady?” Her blush was his answer.