Zodiac and their sexual compatibility

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When it comes to having sex, hatefulness is the way to go for most of the people. Although many of us believe in the power of the zodiac, not many of us take our signs’ compatibility into consideration when choosing our partner. That’s why we have compiled a list of signs that are your best match in bed because better the compatibility, better the intimacy.

1. Best match for Aries: Sagittarius

Being adventurous, Aries loves to get rough in the bedroom. For this reason, Sagittarius is your best match as they won’t tire, and will readily keep up with your “explorations”. Leo and Libra will also make fine matches for you.

2. Best match for Taurus: Virgo

Taurus loves when it’s slow, sensual, and comfortable. For this reason, Virgo is your best match as Virgos are perfectionists and are eager to please you. Scorpio and Capricorn will also be able to make your bedroom exploits exciting.

3. Best match for Gemini: Libra

Geminis are looking for both mental and physical stimulation in bed and no other sign apart from Libra is capable enough of delivering this duality. Libras will be happy to indulge in role-playing and take the “mindsex” to another level for you.

4. Best match for Cancer: Pisces

Cancers crave partners who are just as caring, considerate, and sensitive as they are and that is why Pisces’ are the ones for them. Pisces will listen to your needs, anticipate your unspoken desires and deliver all of them unselfishly. Capricorn and Scorpio will also make for a steamy session when paired with you.

5. Best match for Leo: Sagittarius

Leos are born stars and their bedroom persona isn’t any different. For this reason, Sagittarius is their best match as they will worship them in between the sheets. They will explore every inch of your body like their life depends on it while bringing you pleasure at every turn. Aries and Aquarius will also make for a match that will blow more than just your mind.

6. Best match for Virgo: Taurus

Virgos are perfectionists in every aspect of life including the bedroom, and no one will appreciate this as much as a Taurus. Taurus will pamper you like there’s no tomorrow and make sure the two of you enjoy everything in great detail. Other signs that will make great matches for you are Capricorn and Pisces.

7. Best match for Libra: Gemini

For Libras, it’s all about the balance; the balance between mind and body’s pleasure. For this reason, their best match is Gemini as they leave your mind and body satisfied while still longing for more at the same time. Other signs that will make for an exciting lovemaking session are Aries and Aquarius.

8. Best match for Scorpio: Pisces

A Scorpio’s ultimate fantasy is to discover the dark, murky depths of their soul and Pisces is the perfect sign to travel down this dark road. Pisces will help you discover the deepest and darkest desires without hesitating a bit. Other signs that make steamy matches for a Scorpio are Cancer and Taurus.

9. Best match for Sagittarius: Aries

Sagittarius’ are born explorers and Aries are a perfect match for them as they will join them in exploring any new ideas they can come up with. Apart from this, Aries are equally energetic as Sagittarius and the two will make a raunchy couple in bed. Other signs that are compatible with Sagittarius are Leo and Gemini.

10. Best match for Capricorn: Taurus

Communication not being the strongest suit of a Capricorn, Taurus will understand your unspoken desires and they will not only fulfill them but also cater to your bottled up needs without having the need to make you talk at all. Virgo and Cancer would also make fine, freaky bedroom buddies for a Capricorn.

11. Best match for Aquarius: Gemini

Aquarius’ are quirky and quite the innovators when it comes to the action between the sheets. Geminis are equipped to keep up with all of this and more. They will also bring with them the kind of spicy banter you’re always on the lookout for. Libra and Leo would also make fine good matches for an Aquarius.

12. Best match for Pisces: Scorpio

For you, Pisces, satisfying your soul is just as important as satisfying your body and only Scorpio along with a few other signs can help you accomplish this. Their intuitive understanding of your cravings will result in incredible pleasure. Cancer and Virgo will also be able to satisfy you by interpreting your deepest desires.

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