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Zodiac Reveal About Your Sexuality

What if we told you, your sexual performance under the stars actually depends on YOUR stars? Not only do Zodiac signs influence your sensibilities and personality, they are a vital factor in deciding your sexual prowess. Read on further to check how accurately does your zodiac reveal about your sexuality and better still, perhaps try and discover new things about your partner!

Aries Sexual Habits

1.Aries: Aries are energetic, daring and Incisive. They can be sexually direct and forceful as lovers. Sometimes, this makes them come across as domineering and bossy. But once there is a functional status quo between the partners, this quality can be very exciting in the bed. In bed, Aries are all about the energy. Aries could be competitive in bed, making things fast paced and dynamic. A partner that can keep up with the Aries’ energy will really have the best time!  For Aries sex bunnies, ‘Reverse Cowgirl’ really does the trick.  This puts the spotlight on the girl and her backside while allowing her to gear up the rhythm and pace her way. No…don’t worry, you will not regret it.

Taurus Sexual Habits

2.Taurus: They are hardworking, rock solid, stable and practical. Ruled by Venus, they are guided by tremendous sensual pleasures. So, whether it is sensual pleasures or capital riches, Taurus-born love to indulge in excess. For them the ‘Stand and Deliver’ proves to be the best sex position.  This position leaves a lot of room for the guy to stimulate the girl’s clitoris and the kink quotient can be upped with some tying up!

Gemini Sexual Habits

3.Gemini:Gemini, the third sign of the zodiac love to talk! No, not some random chit chat, but deep intellectual conversations. Gemini’s run on the fuel of the mind. They crave intellectual stimulation more than anything. For them, it is all in the mind, then south. If you are not able to strike a meaningful conversation, then that’s a goodbye for you.

But once you do it, there will be no looking back. He or she will discover your erogenous positions, other than the usual. Gemini’s are eternal explorers. Giving a blowjob works best for them. Gemini couples love experimenting. The first one probably to advocate ‘kinky’ sex must have been a Gemini.

They crave passion in everything- be it in bed or life.

Cancer Sexual Habits

4.Cancer: The sign of Cancer belongs to the element of water-always flowing, taking the shape of whatever they are entrusted with. They are guided by emotion and heart, hence, have a hard time blending into the world around them. Cancerians are sympathetic and attached to people. Those born with the Sun in Cancer are very loyal and such loyalty should be amply rewarded. They seek emotional bonding first and then romantic gestures. It is old school for them. But, in bed, newer the better! Best position for Cancerians is ‘Sitting up Cowgirl’. It gives the woman unprecedented control and allows her to control the thrusting. It also helps the man find her G-spot and allows deeper penetration.

Leo Sexual Habits

5.Leo: Leos usually possess natural leadership qualities along with a flair for drama and creativity. They are proud and passionate lovers that demand special attention, in life as in bed. Their confidence and charisma makes them very hard to resist, and the good news is, you don’t have to! Leos not only have a large appetite for sex, they also constantly need it to feel reassured in their relationships.  Luckily, Leos are very easily turned on by a little dirty talk which tells them how their lovers are lusting after them!

Virgo Sexual Habits

6.Virgo: ‘Virgos are difficult to interpret in bed. They are very scrupulous with most things in life- a quality that presents itself in bed as well. Their desire for perfection manifests into over analysis and worry in the bed. So, if you want to have the perfect night with your Virgo, ensure that you don’t bring up any topic that might worry them. You could choose to start the foreplay with a soothing bath or calming massage. This will ease out any tension and lead to very indulgent love making. Don’t rush it with your Virgo partner; rather enjoy every bit of the experience in the moment.

Libra Sexual Habits

7.Libra: Librans have a keen mind and an intellectual leaning. Meaningful discussions, great literature, art and interesting people can really inspire a Libran. Their approach to everything is subjective and not objective and thus a quickie is not their favorite way to have sex. Even missionary doesn’t excite them. They crave greater indulgence. If you had to make the night ideal for a Libran, your best bet would be to cater to his/her delicate senses. Start your foreplay with exotic foods, nice drinks in an aromatic ambience. Librans tend to appreciate sophistication and this could be a very useful hint in preparing for the perfect date.

Scorpio Sexual Habits

8.Scorpio: The one word that best describes a Scorpio lover is intense. They are equipped with a great deal of assertiveness and passion. These qualities initially are seen as exciting and flattering but in most relationships cause issues after a point. Their intensity converts itself into jealousy and an all-consuming passion, which can get tiring to deal with for a partner. In bed too they are intense lovers. As one penetrates through the calm and controlled demeanor of a Scorpion, they are sure to discover a sexual wonderland of raging passion. So the perfect way to turn them on includes reassuring them that you’re good to take on their complex personalities and actually find it sexy. Give them a glimpse of your wild imagination and let them know, the game is on!

Sagittarius Sexual Habits

9.Sagittarius: Sagittarius make up for the most travel loving people. They are excited by the idea of adventure and impulsive getaways. Their energetic manners and curiosity makes them very easy to connect with and a lot of fun to hang out with. Sagittarians are best turned on by fantasies. Let your date be more of an adventure than just a normal rendezvous, include aspects of travel, fantasies, exotic lands and outdoorsy fun. Turn them on with a date that involves some physical activity and not just a sit down dinner. And once you are happy and home, play around their hips or inner thighs. Make believe a beautiful fantasy and they will dive right in with you, in mind and in body.

Capricorn Sexual Habits

10.Capricorn: Capricorns are often very reserved people. They are not instantly outgoing and don’t express their feelings too eagerly. Capricorn represents time and responsibility, making Capricorns adhere to a certain set of framework in terms of their behavior. This usually comes off as disinterest in initial stages of most relationships. A lot of people are excited by the thought of breaking through this barrier. This requires patience, extra time and effort, but it’s mostly worth it. In bed, Capricorns have a strong libido. They tend to be a bit conservative and traditional, but can be very experimental when comfortable with their partner. Perfect foreplay with Capricorns would include a classy date. Status oriented Capricorns really do get turned on by things that speak class and wealth.

Aquarius Sexual Habits

11.Aquarius: Aquarius born are deep thinkers and can alternate between shy, quiet and energetic and eccentric. They always crave for intellectual stimulation and are happy to help others. They look beyond the appearance of their partners and feel connected form one mind to the other. They are generally private when it comes to personal affairs and tend to keep a distance, which may throw off their partners at first. While they are devoted and caring partners, they aren’t likely to be burning with passion like Scorpio or Leo. However, their desire to constantly keep improving also finds itself in the bed. It would help you to know that you can find their erogenous zones around their calves and ankles. So work them up with soft caresses and gentle touches and play it up with a lap dance!

Pisces Sexual Habits

12.Pisces: Pisceans have very friendly and easily approachable personalities. Their ability to empathize with their friends and partners makes them a people’s favorite. They are especially endowed with grace, charm and ideas of ways of making you feel special. They are completely invested in their love lives and try to contribute their creativity and imagination as much as possible. Even their love making is very sensitive and involved making the partner feel very special. Pisceans are very unconventional and bring a lot of excitement into the relationship which you must be ready to reciprocate. Also be sure to make them laugh as Pisces lean towards melancholia. The best foreplay with Pisceans is actually role play that gives an outlet to their imaginative personality. What really turns them on are romantic role-plays rather than aggressive ones. They also really enjoy erotic games, so what are you waiting for? Game on, Play on!

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