Yoga For A Better Sex Life? Here’s How It Can Help!

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Yoga is believed to ease anxiety and depression, lower blood pressure, improve joint pain and function, and relieve pain and many other mental and physical tension from your body. Study says that regular yoga practice improves aspects of sexual function in women, including desire, arousal, orgasm, and overall satisfaction.

Sex and yoga are a total body workout, combining the two seems to just make sense just like how total satisfaction with Super Dotted Condom is a complete pair. Since Yoga has got so many benefits, why not combine the two by performing yoga poses during foreplay followed by sensual sex for a full body workout that’s incredibly sexy and enjoyable?

Here are a few Yoga positions that DOUBLE as great SEX positions.

The cat pose.

This position allows for greater flexibility, increased blood flow, and openness in both the heart and the regions of the pelvis. You can practice this pose with your partner from all angles, so feel free to explore your cat-like curiosity.

The Cat Pose

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The happy baby pose.

This pose stretches the inner groins and increases circulation, which calms the mind, open the hips, and allows the spine to relax. This pose also helps in increasing your libido and making you feel good with easy clitoral stimulation during sex.

The Happy Baby Pose

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The Cobra pose.

Cobra pose stimulates the sexual centres within the body, improving sexual power to create enhanced sexual intimacy with your partner. Your body’s positioning makes you climax faster because of where you and your partner connect.

The Cobra Pose

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The sun salutation.

This will leave the body and mind feeling revived and ready to take on the day! You can add this one in your list of favourite poses. It will help you keep moving and keep the energy flowing!

The Sun Salutation Pose

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Wide-legged straddle.

Feel the tension melt from your bodyduring foreplay as you stretch, feeling the release of the tissue along your lower muscles, creating space between the ribs and easing its way through to your chest. The act will make you feel the length being created with every single inhale and exhale.

Wide-legged Straddle

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The bridge pose.

Bridge pose is always a go to pose when you’re working on your pelvic floor muscles, so why not use it during sex? Lying on your back and bringing your heels closer to your sitting bones, then driving the hips up. You can even have your partner assist you by supporting your hips, allowing for a back bend along the way, guaranteed to make you and your partner feel good.

The Bridge Pose

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Note:  The poses and postures shown above should not be tried if suffering with back problemsor any other physical health issues.

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