Wish to give her more? Super Dotted Condoms to the rescue!

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It is often said that the way to make a girl love you more is to shower her with extra attention. Making her the centre of attraction and giving her the passionate love will strengthen your relationship even more. Here are few tips that will help you to master the art of giving her more.


  • Create the ambiance.

The key to make a woman feel relaxed and focused is to please her by creating an environment that will make her fall for you. The more she is relaxed, the better her chances are of an intense climax. Light her favourite candles, along with the rose petals, to set the mood. Drop the old school idea of using normal condoms and try something interesting like a super dotted Strawberry or Chocolate flavoured condomto give her the naughty signal.


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  • Master the use of your hands.

Trace every edge of her body with the magical touch of your fingers. Spread her lips with your fingers, touch her inner thigh and the roundness of her breasts little by little making her feel wanted. Let her guide you through the act, which will help her relax in a way she wants. Even when she’s busy pleasing you, play with her hair to pleasure her even more.


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  • Tease her.

Tease her a little by using the magic of touch. Start going down on her little by little and bring her to the brink of orgasm. Foreplay will increase arousal, leading to a longer and more satisfactory act.


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  • Make her love sex.

What’s better than the expert use of mouth? The action! Women do have more urge for it but it is only fun when you get naughty with her. To make her love the act even more, increase the level of intimacy and give her more using the super dotted condoms. Convince her you love her the way she is and shower her with praises.


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  • Get comfortable with her emotions when she’s aroused.

Women experience intense waves of emotions during the act. Get her even more excited using some fancy stuff like multitextured condom or maybe a super dotted condom. This will not only give her more pleasure, it will also help you in enjoying the act more. Just hold her tight and make her feel wanted. She will be all yours.


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