What Do Women Want And What Do They Actually Get

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Your sex life might be really good. But there are a few things that women expect during the act that men don’t understand.A romantic cuddle night or mad passionate sex? There are a few things that women don’t really say it out loud but if you do it for her, it will make it even better.


  • Take control and call her dirty

Women love when they’re admired. Letherknow how beautiful her body looks/feels.Dirty talk when you’re getting your sexy on, whisper in her ear ‘You’re so wet’, it really gets her going. Don’t be surprised when she tells you that she loves being spanked or blind folded or even when she talks about her condom preference. Admire her dirty fantasies and make the move.


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  • Tenderness is hot

Women love romance, cuddling and kissing. She wants her man to touch her gently, in a way that makes her feel wanted. Women often complain that men don’t do this except during foreplay and that they jump directly to the finish line. Well, give your girl that seductive touch, the one she’s craving for


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  • Undress her little by little

Rushing into things has never been of any help. Men think that giving their women a rough ride at the earliest is sexy. But, the thrill of being noticed, little by little is a huge turn-on for many women. While you’re into it, she wants to feel important, she wants to matter, and she wants to feel desired. Seduction is an art that requires focus and effort.


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  • Go down on her…slowly

Who doesn’t like the pleasure that the tongue gives? Obviously, mouthing a man makes them moan, and oh so hard. Similar is the want of your girl.Men think that the magic of their fingers is the most pleasing. But they should know that she wants his guy to put his tongue in the Holiest of Holies and satisfy her in a way that will make her go crazy. Know how she likes it, if chocolate flavoured condom is her taste, and how often does she want to get busy.


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  • Foreplay begins outside of bedroom

Men believe in getting naughty only works in the bedroom. That’s not the case though. Women fantasise and love it when men get things started in places outside of the bedroom. Making a move in a way she wouldn’t have expected indicates you’re attracted to her. Make herfeel desired without getting awkward. After all, even as a child you never wanted to get caught in public doing….something.Why would that change in adulthood, huh?


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  • More hot sex positions

As we already said before, women do fantasise on a lot of things. Sexy positions with the condomof her choicecan be one of them too. No doubt, men love when women take charge, sitting on top. Men need to be aware that women love getting special surprisesthat are different from the onesthey normally get. And it can be as crazy as picking her up and taking her to the kitchen and pleasure her using super dotted condom on the counter.


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So gentlemen, let the tension build. Understand the signals and master the skills without any delay… with Playgard Super Dotted Condoms

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