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The first attempt of anything is a special occasion and the excitement that precedes it makes it much more intimidating than it actually is. The same is true for sex except the excitement is amplified by a factor of thousand and the fear of performance anxiety is simply overwhelming. Being nervous for your ‘first time’ is only natural and there’s no need to rush into it. When people are planning to do it for the first time, they are often looking for guidance online and that’s exactly why we have prepared this list of things you should consider.

1. Are you really ready?

Before you take the big step, you need to make sure you’re ready for it. Ask yourself – why do I want to do this? Is it for me or my partner? Also, consider this, does the thought of sex excite you or scare you?

2. Communicate with your partner

Just like in every other aspect of a relationship, even this warrants a sit-down talk with your partner before you do it. For some, it might be straight forward, while for others it might require a little bit of beating around the bush. If at any point one of you seems scared about the idea of doing it then it is better to wait rather than just getting over with it.

3. Education before Fornication

May it be your first time or 100th time, practicing safe sex is of utmost importance for both the partners. Using a condom will not only protect you from unplanned pregnancy but also from STIs (sexually transmitted infections) and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

4. Get to know yourself and your body

Have you taken the time to get to know your preferences before making the decision to do it? The key to having great sex is knowing what turns you on and what your expectations are from your partner. In order to know all these things, you need to explore your body by yourself first. Masturbation is quite natural and it’s more fun when done with your partner.

5. Pick the right time and place

Your first time should be really special and for that, you need to pick a place that is not only private but also calming so that you and your partner are in a stress-free environment and completely comfortable.

6. Sex shouldn’t hurt

Many women are terrified about their first time thinking that it’ll hurt too much. If the pace is relaxed and you’re well lubricated, then it should be alright and the sex will be great as well. Take your time with foreplay and explore each other’s bodies with your hands as well as mouth. Make sure you use a water-based lubricant.

7. Take your time 

The first time is all about taking it slow and discovering what your preferences are. Lose all the previous expectations you might have from watching it in movies or porn as it is going to be nothing like it. Taking it slow will help in reducing the anxiety and make your experience more intense.

8. Talk during sex!

Sex is not a game of charade, you don’t have to rely solely on your partner’s sighs and moans and facial expressions to know what’s working and what’s not. You need to communicate in order to make sure you’re on the right track. It doesn’t have to be long conversations, it can just be a few words like “do you like it?”, “Wait”, “Keep going”, etc.

Your first time could be the most joyous and wonderful experience of your life is you have it with a proper mindset. Don’t rush into it and take precautions!

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