Types of Partners in Bed

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List Of Partner Types

Every partner has a different style of making love. Finding the perfect partner in bed can be a tough challenge. Especially, when you don’t even know your own type.  

Here’s a list of partner types that you’d want to explore: –

The self-centred: –

We all have come across this partner at least once. Sometimes, you’d even wish not being there at all. They are usually full of themselves and they often forget to pleasure you. They don’t ask you what you like and they often tell you what they do. 

Some people may find this cold attitude hot and would get easily turned on by the apathy of their partners. This partner would raise his or her expectation without asking your permission. 

The chit-chatty:-

This partner loves to talk. No, no, no! Not just the whispering, we are talking about storytelling. They often ruin the moment with too many words. You begin to feel like you are reading a book. 

The endless chat sucks the sensual excitement out of you. And worse, they’d ask you why you are so silent.  

The perfectionist:-  

This kind is the kind you should run away from. Yes, they have a weird idea of perfect sex. You will have to go by their rules. They are mostly dominant and would want things up to a certain standard. Yes, you have signed up for: No pee breaks, no pubic hair, no laughter and yes, excessive moans.  

The silent partner:-

The only time they speak is to maybe ask their partner if they are done. Yes, you are doomed if you have a partner like this. It takes intimacy away. No whispers, no compliments, no begging for more. This is the vanilla of sound sex.  If hearing your partner pant turns you on, go get on to this ride. 

The explorer:-

They are excessively adventurous and wouldn’t not try that new cobra position or that fun role play you watched online. From outlandish sex positions to quirky places, they’d make you try everything and you’d be surprised to know your own capabilities.  

You may even begin to question if you need yoga anymore. This explorer will make sure you try something new, every time. 

The kinky partner:-

We all know that one partner who fancies all sorts of kinks. They seem like they are constantly ticking off things from their kinky bucket list. “Let’s try a whip”, “Let’s fuck in the bathroom”, “Let’s fuck when you are on the phone” and so on.   

They are always hunting for new stories to put in their bucket of kinky tales. 

Did we miss your type? Comment and let us know what kind of partner you are in bed. 

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