Traditional Foreplay vs Modern Foreplay

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Foreplay is absolutely essential to a great orgasm and is crucial before you have sex, unless it’s a quickie! Foreplay has definitely seen some changes over the years and has a vast difference to what people do now as compared to what was practiced traditionally.  

 Back in the good ol’ days foreplay wasn’t a term known to many people but they still engaged in it from time to time. It was all about the romance and we see that even today. 

Here are some of the classic traditional foreplay methods you should know:

  1. Whispering sweet nothings into your partner’s ear 
  2. Back massages  
  3. Nibbling earlobes  
  4. Sucking and biting your partner’s neck  
  5. Caressing and licking the breasts 

Although these are some pretty good ways to get you into the mood, times are different now. People have evolved and so did their tastes in the bedroom. Technology plays a very important role in this today.  

Here are some popular modern foreplay methods. 

  1. Sexting  
  2. Spanking  
  3. Role-playing  
  4. Using dildos or sex toys 

Traditional or modern, both methods are incredibly effective but you should pick the ones that arouse you and your partner for complete satisfaction in the bedroom and for complete protection use Playgard Condoms 

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