Tips To Get Naughty This Monsoon

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Tips To Get Naughty This Monsoon

Monsoons are in and it’s time for you tuck in under the sheets with your partner and get cozy! After a simmering summer, monsoons are a major relief. The smell of wet earth, drizzling droplets on your face, accompanied by the thrills of thunder is all you need to get wild for the night and turn on your sexual desires. 

Here are some tips to get you ready for the wildest night of this monsoon with Playgard Condoms:

The Sizzling Rain Sex:

There’s something about water which is intriguingly erotic. Water definitely plays a vital role in arousing one’s sex drive. Add on this wild experience to your list and let the heat begin. Find a cozy spot at your terrace or a secluded place, where no one can disturb you and you’re ready to have the wildest experience. 

Get in Your Car and Explore: 

You never know what lightning and rain can do to you and your partner. Explore and just be in the moment, don’t forget to keep your favourite Super Dotted Condoms in your car and feel the heat rising up! 

For the Indoor Lovers: 

Have the best of both worlds by placing your couch near the window, prepare some hot chocolate and voila! Begin with sexy foreplay and indulge in the heat of the moment with our Ultra Thin Condoms, so that nothing comes between you and your partner. 

Naughty games for a Naughty Night:

No fun without a few games huh? Get on your bed and make chits about who knows who better, if your partner answers incorrectly, ask her/him to strip off a piece of clothing. You will get to know your partner and feel seductively sexy as well.  

A Steamy Hot Dance:

Feel oh-so-hot with a hot steamy dance with your partner with no possibilities for air to pass. Take things forward by kissing and biting your partner’s neck and indulge in hot  foreplay. Romantic music in the background is the cherry on the cake to have a little more fun on the side. 

We hope that these tips make your monsoon thunderous and satisfying, to spice things up don’t forget to use our varied range of flavoured condoms and Super Dotted Condoms. 

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