That Will Take Your Sex From ‘Routine’ to ‘Amazeballs’

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There’s nothing hotter than having the control to seduce your significant other before a passionate sex. There are these times when the room is heated up during foreplay. That’s when the female can take the lead and grab his attention and tease him in a manner that your guy will never forget this night.

Look him in the eye
Men usually set the mood with champagne, rose petals and get the textured condoms along with some sexy music. This time, take the charge and do that for him. Give him that sensuous look which gives him the message that you can’t resist him. It’s amazing how you can convey with one look.

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Bring home a bag of tricks

Hit up the sex toy store, and drop the bag of goodies in his lap along with the best quality condoms. Tell him what you want, also giving him the details of what he can expect later.

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Surprise him

Your partner might feel that he’s seen all of your tricks. Surprise him with a special moment to let him know the rest of your lives in the bedroom are going to be even more exciting than he could imagine. Bonus: You’ll likely inspire him to try some new moves using condoms of his choice after this.

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Lingerie and accessories

The only thing men love more than lingerie is watching a woman take it off. And the more exotic, the better. It can be something new you picked up just for the occasion, surprise him with a show. And the game doesn’t stop there. Guys do pay attention to the heels and nail polish. They love how you look wearing these accessories… only these accessories.

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Tease and don’t let him touch you

Nothing says hot like teasing your partner with what he can and can’t have. Don’t let him touch you for as long as you can. Men love it when you are naughty, so why not try your luck at it? Stand in front of him naked, or barely clothed, and make him squirm with desire.

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Tie him up when he least expects it

This will make him go even crazier. You knew there was a reason for the scarf or belt you wore today, didn’t you?

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Flaunt your body to add some extra flavour

If you have everything covered and if you are not showing yourself to the fullest, it’s the time to change things up. Show some cleavage, show your body and see the magic. He will naturally be attracted to you, craving for more.

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Spill chocolate syrup

Undress yourself and your partner, one piece at a time because sometimes the classics really are the best. Spilling some melted chocolate or a chocolate syrup is a great way to seduce your man. This will leave him begging you for more!

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Spice up the act even more by using strawberry flavoured condom or maybe a super dotted condom for an intense act.

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