Tips For Women To Make Foreplay Fun For Both Of You

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Foreplay plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy sex life. It’s about time that we looked at how to make it fun for both, you and your partner because sex should be enjoyed not just have.



Here are a few foreplay tips to make your sex life even more happening:

  1. Ensure that it’s a give and take relationship

Foreplay doesn’t have to just be for you; it can and should also involve you touching him. Make foreplay work for both of you. Touch him to tease him. Ask him what he likes more and where… Ask him what about you arouses him the most. Men tend to like things with a firmer hand than women do, which is why we’re often too soft when we touch the guys, and they’re often too rough with us. Just ask him to guide your hand for the best of results.

You need not touch him the whole time that he’s stimulating you, because he might not be able to be the best if he is distracted. But doing it a little bit shows that you care about his pleasure as much as he cares about yours. Touch him to show him the power that you have over him.

  1. Let Him Watch

Men are highly visual, and foreplay can begin with the way that you allure him up and down, get undressed, or just touching yourself will also get him in the mood. Push him onto the bed, make him watch as you crawl into bed. We know that some of you are very sensitive to how your body looks, but remember that you belong to each other and he loves you for what and how you are.

Besides, what’s sexy is often not just how your body looks but what you do with it.

  1. Don’t be a potato

 You don’t have to just lie down there, there’s a lot you can do while you enjoy the pleasure. Being a vegetable might also make him feel that you aren’t enjoying it. So, up your game and don’t be in any one position for extended periods of time during foreplay. Let him sit up, and maybe you could sit against him, so you’re both facing the same direction, looking straight into each other’s eyes, feeling the connection and the love – only adds more pleasure. He can still stimulate various parts of your body, but it psychologically feels different. Many women find this a little more comfortable as your bodies are closer to each other.

  1. The good kind of friction

He’ll enjoy this one, if you need to be stimulated in a certain way, stimulate yourself. But not with your hand. Use his body instead. Find a way to grind against his leg, or even against his penis without him entering you, that feels delicious and is such a teaser. This will make him want you more and more. It requires a lot of moving for you which is what he’ll enjoy even more as it looks like you are really enjoying it, which will excite him, too. If you keep changing positions for better angles, that too will get him stimulated.

While you are at it, add some tension by grabbing his hands and getting him to touch you everywhere.

Then find ways that work, and don’t let him move. He’ll feel the sexual tension build while you’re too really enjoying yourself. Nonetheless, make sure you have condoms ready for what’s coming next, textured condoms are the way to go these days and we are sure you will enjoy it equally.

  1. A different kind of “we need to talk”!

Tell him what feels good, as you get to it, make sure that you have a condom ready. Instead of going to buy it, you could maybe order a condom online.

Tell him what you prefer, there are endless types, Flavored condoms, super dotted condoms or let the ultra thin condoms do the job for you. Remind him of a great time you had last year on your anniversary. Say something sexy! If you’re talking, again you’re showing him that you are enjoying this but do not overdo it, it might become boring for him.

Now you’re into this. You’re excited about participating. And to men, that’s a real turn-on.

  1. Kissing is an essential

Don’t stop kissing him, not just on his lips but everywhere you can, while he’s touching you – this only adds more excitement. You can even kiss his neck or his ears, but try to tease him and drive him crazy.

Well, those are a few things that will definitely help you. Try them out and stay tuned for more.

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