Things You Need To Know Before Indulging In Office Romance

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Things To know Before Office Romance

‘Office romance’, It may sound enthralling but it sure is a roller-coaster ride. You signed up for a lot of crazy things. The emotional swings you would be experiencing at work and then later, outside, will surely saturate you after a while. Having said that, we are in no way denying that love is impossible to nurture at the workplace. If done right, your relationship will see the light.  


It’s impossible to keep it to yourself. The air of romance will definitely make you want to spilleth the tea. But experts say secrecy is golden as it avoids any sort of miscommunication between your love vs the world. 


In case you both are working closely, it’s important to keep professional and personal life apart. At the end of the day, you are at work and that is the sanctum sanctorum you shouldn’t mess with. 

Don’t make people uncomfortable:

Just because your company policies doesn’t object your relationship, doesn’t mean you take the PDA to another level. So, say no to casual kisses, sneaky foreplay and spanking on-the-go. 


Make sure you have ‘the talk’ with your partner on a regular basis. This will weed out any misunderstanding that is likely to hamper your performance at work.  

No Office Sex:

No matter what happens, you shouldn’t commit this cardinal sin. Many of you may have a fantasy of office sex but we’d like to break the truth to you. The consequences are grave in which you might end up losing your jobs. It’s unprofessional and uncomfortable too. Just get a room.  

So, here’s our take on office romance. Know more? Tell us in the comments below. 

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