The Importance Of Communication During Sex

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Importance Of Communication During Sex

When you get physically intimate with someone, you might think that your body is doing all the work, so why do you need to communicate? Well, we’ll tell you why!  

Just like communication helps us in our day to day life, it is also indispensable for creating a strong bond between couples. Sharing your fantasies and engaging in foreplay with your partner lets you explore each other’s wild side and know their needs thoroughly! In the beginning, it can cause a lot of anxiety, as people are often unaware of the things to say or not say during sex. 

Here are a few reasons why communication is important during sex:

i) Directing Each Other

You can direct your partner sexually, as it’s a very integral part of your sex life and creates a bond that lasts a lifetime. That is why, in order to know where to touch your partner to turn them on, it is important to communicate while having sex. But of course, we recommend putting on a quality condom before you take your communication to a next level. Let your partner know what makes them feel on top of the world and help them reach a wonderful climax! If your partner is unaware about your erogenous zones, it can drastically turn into a nightmare in a minute for both of you, so it is better to communicate than to be sorry in the end!  

ii) Be Kind

There is nothing as important as being kind to your partner while having sex. As it says a lot about you as a person. If you can let go of your ego and empathize with your partner, it will definitely help in gaining their trust and develop an even more exciting and intimate connection with your partner. 

iii) Vocal Conversations

With directing your partner, you can also feel aroused by having a vocal conversation in between. Just make sure you don’t make it awkward or cringe, and actually say what you feel like. Be honest and crystal clear about what you want to tell them at that moment, for eg: tell them how much you love it when they moan your name with pleasure! If you are unsure, you can go ahead and ask them what actually turns them on, and in return, do the same thing with more passion and intimacy.  

iv) Keep Away the Awkward Conversations

Asking, ‘Did you come?’ to your partner during the intercourse is a big-big turn-off. It not only puts them off, but they eventually lose interest in the act. But, it is also important to know whether they climaxed or not, but only after you’re done and not before that!  

v) Talk Dirty

We saved the best for last, talking dirty is one of the most verbally seductive ways of turning on your partner. You can feel a bit ridiculous and embarrassed in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll be like a piece of cake for you. Talking dirty is a very powerful aspect of eroticism, it lets you describe the tiniest details in a descriptive manner. 

Communication can open doors; you didn’t even know could get opened! Try expressing with the help of a few magical words and you would notice a drastic change in your sex life for sure! So, go ahead and tell them what you need and how it would be possible. As one wise person said, there’s nothing a good conversation can’t fix! 

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