The excitement meter on Foreplay Vs Sex!

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Foreplay Vs Sex
Foreplay might be a part of sex, but what is more exciting – the act of Sex or Foreplay? The answer is quite subjective and hilarious. It’s like asking whether the opening scene and the buildup are better or the climax?

Couples around the globe have different tastes when it comes to the choices in the act; some say foreplay, some sex.

The act of sex is common among all the mammals and creatures in the world. What separates us from them is we have sex for pleasure as well. And, there is a prelude to it- romance, adventure, excitement, playfulness, butterflies in the stomach and much much more.

This is love. This is foreplay- with which we entice our partner.

It ignites the passion, the wild uncontrollable beast in us, ready to consume us as a whole. Sex without foreplay is food without salt- tasteless, sans fun, mechanical. Love making should have complexity, tension and wilderness.

Foreplay can turn a quiet and serene event into a lively, wild and lustful event in a matter of seconds, every action becomes a subconscious reaction and it follows no one. It just leads- to great things, great moments and a great experience.

You can have a ‘quickie’ and it will surely satisfy you, but your soul will not be satiated, you will still feel incomplete.

As per a survey, couples involved in foreplay are much happier and full of life than couples who just prefer sex. Sciences have shown building up to the act gives better sex life and even better orgasms.

Foreplay not only helps us in having a good sex life, but also makes us healthy. It releases ‘happy hormones’-serotonin, reigniting our zest for life and gives better emotional attraction with our partners – not just in the bedroom but in all aspects of our life.

In a long and stable relationship, foreplay contributes a lot by providing emotional intimacy and passion.

Foreplay and sex is different for different people, as everyone has different stimulus. It’s important to read ‘turn on’ signs of your partner and engage in them. It will bring out their wild side – could be calves, inner thighs, back of the neck, find out and take your partner to a whole new level.

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