Reasons Why You Should Talk To Your Friends About Your Sex Life

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When you’re single, you talk about random things all the time! That thing that happened at the movies, the last Netflix show you binge watched, your hot colleague, etc. And of course, the discussion that follows is on a completely different level, about the time, place, people, almost like an investigation! The only thing we stop ourselves from talking about is our sex lives. What you choose to reveal is entirely your call.

Here is why you should talk to your friends about your sex life:

It Helps Improve Your Game

Discussing techniques and positions, will definitely help you get better with your partner in bed. It so happens that you’re not confident enough to experiment something new, but discussing it with your friends helps. It not only helps boost your ego, but sometimes it is all about wanting to win the challenge. With friends, you want to compete and win the challenge, which ensures better performance in bed and otherwise ;

Ensure Better Performance In Bed













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You’ll Probably Find out You Have A Lot In Common

One of the biggest questions we sometimes have is whether we are “normal” regarding the issues we face or the “kinky quotient” in bed. It so happens that when we discuss the sexual issues we have, the turn offs, the flavouredcondom that you’ve tried, the preferences of your partner etc., you soon realise that you’re not alone. The same issue is faced by others and it thus, helps you deal with your problem better.

Discuss The Sexual Issues
















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You’ll help bustthe myth that everyone is getting good sex

People might boast about the “good sex” that they get, but it’s hardly true. If you talk with your friends about it, you’ll realise that not everyone gets heavenly sex! Some struggle for it, some compromise, and some just live the lie. The point is, sex like any other thing, can’t always be exceptional and you’ll know that once you talk with your fellow mates about it.














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You’ll feel more confident about yourself

If a person boasts about acing the “head over heels” sex position, and his paunch is showing, it’s definitely a lie. When you speak with your close friends about their sex life, and discuss yours, you understand that many of the sex positions you might have fantasised about, only look great in porn but are too difficult to pull off.

Speak With Your Close Friends About Their Sex Life












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It Helps Keep your Friendships Intimate

With our busy schedules, it gets extremely difficult to meet friends in person.The closeness withers and it gets hard to reconnect with your old friends. Even after you take time off to meet them, it takes time to bond like before. Conversations about your sex lives definitely burst the bubble, and help you get closer to them and brings back the fun element.

Conversations About Your Sex Lives














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Your sex life has a great impact on your wellbeing, in your personal and professional lives too. It’s best to talk it out with your friends and feel closer to them while you feel good about yourself!

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