Protect Yourself And Protect Your Partner!

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There are certain diseases that don’t take a minute to spread. Plus, they are way more contagious than any other disease. To keep yourself and your partner away from diseases like the STI, keep in mind to follow these tips.

Use protection.
Using a condom when you have vaginal, anal or oral sex is the best option ever taken by a couple. If you want extra pleasure, make use of water or silicone-based lube with condoms that also prevents bleeding and stops condoms from ripping. Use condoms even while sharing sex toys with a new partner. Taking these precautions can reduce the chances of getting STI (Sexually transmitted diseases).

Flavoured Condom

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Get yourself and your partner checked.
If you can, make sure you ask your partners about their STI history and if they’ve been tested? Get yourself tested too before getting along with a new sexual partner. If you have new partners often, get tested every 3-6 months.

Get Yourself Tested

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Make cleaning a habit.
Make sure you clean and disinfect your sex toys by using soap and hot water or use a new condom on the toy each time it’s used. Make it a point to use gloves for vaginal or anal sex with fingers or fists are involved.

Disinfect Your Sex Toys  Using Hot Water

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Knowledge is your boss.
Nobody can guess if someone has an STI. Which is why, it’s always a good idea to talk to your partner about their testing history. Before having sex, look closely at your partner for any sign of an STI such as a rash, sore, redness or extreme discharge. Note: Even if you don’t see something obvious, they could still have an STI.

look for sign of an STI

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Consult the doc!
Talk to your family health care provider about vaccines that can prevent some forms of hepatitis and HPV.
Consult Your Doctor For Hepatitis And HPV

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Don’t take any decisions in a hurry. Take some time to relax and make proper use of protection as and when required.

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