Naughty Stuff That Will Turn Your Man On Instantly

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Let’s accept the fact ladies, it’s incredibly effective to slowly arouse your man sexually, keeping him turned on constantly and get him going in the bedroom to the point where he cannot wait and has to have you right then and there. Here are a few moves and acts that will turn your man on instantly leaving him wanting for more.

  •  Kiss him deep
    We usually think kissing during sex is just for foreplay, but it can be a pleasure boosting powerhouse. Try kissing him deep during intercourse to hugely up the intimacy and pleasure amongst you.


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  • Knock out his sight.

Break out the blindfold. By doing this, you’re ratcheting up his anticipation more intense. He’ll have no idea where the next kiss, stroke, or lick will land. Try giving him some new intense sensations he’s never felt before, like letting your hair trail across his body or using your silkiest pair of panties to massage his member. He’ll go crazy.


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  • Make wild intimate moments.

Soft intimate relationships are common and considered best. However, there is no harm in getting a little rough or kinky in a while. Tear off some clothes, get wild and make use of his favourite flavoured condom and ride until his brain pops out of excitement. You can also try tying each other up during your foreplay session.


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  • Find out his kinks and fantasies.

It could be when you wear those sexy lingerie or a satin gown that reveals cleavage, it can be anything more wildly. Doing what he fantasizes about will help him have his best time in bed ever. Also explain your man each thing that you want to try with him, maybe a sexy massage or sex using Super dotted condoms, anything!


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  • Do a strip tease.

Unleash your inner bad girl on stage. Put him in a chair, turn on some music and slowly and seductively dance around him while removing your clothing one piece at a time. Touch him at different points. Run your fingertips along his shoulders while you’re behind him or let your legs lightly touch his when you’re moving sexily in front of him. The very fact that he can’t touch you when he wants nothing more than to pull you closer to him can drive him wild beyond belief.


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  • Offer the spice of variety.

Change in speed and positions can really make the entire experience very different. Whether it is the foreplay or the actual act, if there is variety he will never really know what to expect, helping a great deal in revving up his senses


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There you have it, some ideas to turn him on so he’s rock-hard for you, and only you. Let your seductive side out to play and you’ll have just as much fun with him as he does.

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