Myths about using a condom that must be busted

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Condoms are believed to be one of the most important inventions in the history of civilization. They’re extremely important for sexual health. In spite of this, there are a few bizarre myths ranging from “unsatisfactory sex” to “size of condoms”, “material of the condom” and more. Especially as we’re living in a country with serious overpopulation issues, these myths must be busted and sex-education becomes even more necessary.

So here we are, busting few of the myths for you.

Myth: Using Two Condoms Provide Better Protection than Just One
Using two condoms is totally counterproductive. When two condoms are worn together, they tend to tear as a result of the friction between the two, be it two male condoms or one male and one female condom. Even if your partner is a pro at convincing you, stand your ground, and do the right thing.
Using Two Condoms Is Totally Counterproductive
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Myth: Condom Sizes Don’t Matter
Condom malfunction is the last thing you want and using the wrong size of condom would definitely cause that. Like with any clothing material, choosing the correct fit for you is extremely important. Condoms that are too tight/small may tend to tear or slip off. Always pick the perfect size.
Pick The Perfect Size Condoms
Myth:They don’t expire.
If you take a look at the back of the box/ packet, you’ll see the expiry date, which means that condoms do expire. Using an expired condom might cause rashes, itching, and can even lose its effectiveness. If you end up with expired condoms at your disposal, it’s best to wait for new ones or use your hands to satisfy your partner.
Condoms Don’t Expire
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Myth:They’re not needed for oral or anal sex.
It’s not only penovaginal sex, but oral and anal sex without a condom that could also cause gonorrhoea, chlamydia, herpes and other STDs. It’s best to be safe than sorry.
Condoms Online
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Myth:You have no options if you’re allergic to latex.
There are three types of male condoms that you can use, namely, polyurethane, polyisoprene, as the latex compounds from them are removed and they also protect you from STDs. And lambskin condoms prevent pregnancy but DO NOT protect you from STDs, so use those only if your partner is tested.
Male Condoms
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Do not let anyone manipulate you into believing in these myths that could prove to be fatal.

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