5 Lifestyle Hacks To Score More In The Bedroom

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Sex can be the ultimate workout routine and the best pleasure-giving activity (apart from the fact that it brings you closer to your partner of course!) But, there always are ways to make it all better. There’s multitude of research done on the oldest hobby in the world, and it’s always better to have a few tricks up your sleeve and make your sexual adventures a truly divine experience. Here are a few of them:

Sleep More

Go back to the age-old belief of sleeping for at least 8 hours in the night. It’s known as “beauty sleep” for a reason. Scientifically, it helps balance out your hormones, thus promising good performance in bed. In general, sleeping more ensures that your body gets enough deep sleep, apart from the REM sleep i.e. when you’re dreaming.This deep sleep works on the wear and tear of your muscles, thus making sure you stay erect for long whenever she calls for it 😉

Sleep More















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Stay Active

It never hurts to stay fit by working out every alternate day, or every day even. Focus on core strength exercises like ab crunches and planks (and if you’re into strength training, deadlifts work.) If you’re into calisthenics, push-ups are basic, but if you can do pull-ups, you’re awesome! Make those muscles work for that muscle to stay erect as much as you please 😉

Stay Fit Score More In The Bedroom














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Choose Nutrition Over Junk

It’s time to give up on greasy food and opt for the omega 3 rich foods. Greasy food only makes you dull and lazy. From introducing food in the bedroom, to choosing to eat veggies and fruits will definitely benefit you. Studies have shown that consuming foods rich in Vitamin A, boosts your testosterone levels which makes your junior stay up for as long as you want (and if that’s true, keeping a condom with you at all times helps.)

Choose Nutrition Over Junk













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Pavlov it up!

This means to use certain stimuli to instigate your body into acting a certain way. For eg. Watching somebody set up their dining table makes you think about your next meal. This happens as you’re conditioned to have food at the table after the table is set up. This kind of conditioning can be used before you have sex too, so that your body gets ready for action! Scented candles, rose petals scattered on the bed, dim lighting, or (if you’re a one-woman-man) the sight of your girl alone could work too!

Pavlov it up!















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Peace of mind is important

With work, and other such stressors hovering over you, it becomes very important to take a break once in a few months. It’s crucial to destress either on a daily basis with a hobby if time permits, or a small trip or grand vacation. Stress is not taken as seriously as it should be. Stress affects your sleep patterns and libido greatly, which is obviously not something you want.

Reduce Stress













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At the end of the day, it’s about what you need, to keep your peace of mind and not let stressors affect your bodily functions. Be it hacks to trick your body to react in a certain way, or to workout till failure, a few changes in your routine can keep you and your partner happy.

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