How To Talk Dirty Without Being A Turn Off

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Talking dirty is the skill that you should master when in bed. It is a great turn on to tell your partner what you want and make things really comfortable.

  • Gentle talk

Couples have the habit of making different noises when they’re making out. That’s too hot, isn’t it? Well, whispering in their ear is even hotter. Speaking gently, in a soft voice is erotic. It makes them feel wanted.


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  • The look

Getting verbal about your needs does help, but the sensual look is an absolute turn on. Locking your eyes with theirs grabs more attention, increasing the intensity of romance.

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  • Time matters

Don’t dirty talk when you feel your partner is not ready for it. Giving each other time to get comfortable is necessary. Strike humorously when you feel it’s required. Also, respect your partner’s suggestion. If after a point the partner gives you a signal,the cringe face or a grin, understand they need some time.

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  • Talk more about him/her

Talk more about what you like in them. How he/she smells, how he/she tastes or how does he/she want to be treated. Being too straight-forward can make you sound creepy. Wait, understand and then make your move.

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  • Ask and explore

Experimenting on some fancy fantasies to add to those sexy times never disappoints. Watching videos will provide you a guide on how to go about it. Talk more about what they like in bed that will help you understand your partner’s wants better without putting them off.

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  • Compliment your partner on their moves

Who doesn’t like being complimented? Saying how hot/beautiful he/she looks can get boring after a while. Rather tell them how good they are in bed. The sexy move that got you more aroused. How good she tastes/feels. It might sound weird but you sure love to hear it when it comes to it.

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When it comes to sex, actions may speak louder than words. But hey, some words have so much power that they can turn on more than just heads. So next time you’re getting yourself some well-deserved action, don’t forget to sprinkle some spicy words for added pleasure.

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