How To Stay Sexually Aroused In A Long-Distance Relationship

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Be Sexually Aroused In A Long-distance Relationship

The lack of physical touch in a relationship can make even the sanest person insane. When you’re in a long-distance relationship with your partner, it’s unfortunate that you’re missing out on the physical connection: long intimate hugs, holding hands, cuddling on the couch, kissing like there’s no tomorrow and of course, having sex with your favourite flavoured condoms. Whether the distance is just a couple of hours or a few thousand miles away, keeping that sexual spark alive can get a bit tricky, but we’re here to solve this puzzle for you! 

Here’s how you and your partner can be sexually aroused in a long-distance relationship!

i) Master the Art of Having Phone Sex: 

Sexting is hot, but listening to your partner talk dirty is even hotter. And, if listening to your partner’s voice makes you go weak at the knees, It’s a win-win situation for you. Don’t forget to keep your partner’s likes in mind! If they like to imagine you and that makes them go crazy, seize this opportunity and tell them how you’d like to massage their shoulders after a long tiring day at work, kissing their earlobes from behind and deepening your voice with a little moaning on the side can fire up your imagination and can give your partner the best sexual climax possible. 

ii) Mutual Masturbation Sessions:

Why enjoy alone, when both of you can enjoy together? Masturbation sessions can get heated up when your partner is willing to do foreplay with you on the phone or via a video call. You can command them, by feeling yourself and tease them with a whole lot of pleasure rather than being all by yourself. So, next time when you are in a mood to pleasure yourself, count your partner in and explore the wild side of your partner from miles away!

iii) Write your own erotic story:

 You must’ve shared erotic stories with your partner which are available online, but ever thought about writing one for them that you both can enjoy? You should! Bring in all the fantasies and roleplay’s while writing an erotic story, and send it to them. These stories can also act as an inspiration when you meet them, and serves as a naughty memory too! 

iv) Write them a sexy note or a letter:

When you visit them, make sure you leave them a dirty note of how you’d love to watch them stripping off their clothes for you and let them feel your presence. You can keep it under a pillow or put it inside their closet, it’ll surely turn them on and make them crave for more! 

v) Surprise visits:

Surprise them by showing up when you are least expected. When together, use all that anticipation of the most awaited moment to your advantage, after all that virtual pleasure, it’s time to give in to desire. Seize the moment and let them know how much you’ve missed their touch. Also, don’t forget to surprise them with their favourite ultra thin condoms for that intimate moment and make them moan with pleasure. 

Distance can often take a toll on your relationship, but being in a long-distance doesn’t mean a full-stop to your sex life. Incorporating these tips will expand your sexual horizons, unleash your partner’s fantasies and keep both of you coming back for more! 

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