How To Kiss Like A Pro!

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Kissing is an art that not everybody can master. It is where everything intimate begins,causing your partner to want more. Being a good kisser is the most important way to communicate what kind of lover you might be. Here are a few tips that will help you go from face-sucker to the most desired lips-to-land-on in the whole wide world.

Tease each other with small pecks!

Just as we all need to prepare well before a race, a kiss is equally important to warm-up the foreplay game before launching into passionate sex. Start with kissing his/her forehead, the eyes, the nose, the cheek, everywhere except the lips. The point is to be playful and work your partner into a desire-filled frenzy, not giving them exactly what they want. The slower the build-up, the more intense the session.Foreplay Game

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Making sure your breath smells good

Keeping your breath minty fresh is always a great start to a conversation at least. Nobody wants to be close to someone’s face only to find that their mouth smells like the dumpster behind those desirable lips? K. If you know you’re going to make out for sure, avoid foods like onion and garlic. Because ‘Good kisses shouldn’t leave a nasty aftertaste’.

Keep Your Breath Minty Fresh

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Turn up the temperature 

Passionate kisses elevate your blood pressure and cause your heart to beat faster, getting you more excited. Straddle him/her, taking his/her tongue into your mouth, and very lightly suck on it, your lip action mimics the rhythm of their ribs. Lock and unlock your lips, and swirl your tongue around his/her in a circular motion as if you were licking an ice-cream. He/she will love that you’re in control.

Turn Up The Temperature

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Good kissers know that lips are just thebasics

Give your partner a second to mouth-breathe again and explore other parts of their body too. Kiss them on the soft spot behind their earlobe or maybe the cute little dip of their collarbone. Spotting these points while you make out can make things even more intense during foreplay. Don’t make your tongue the star of the show. Because those nerve-packed zones deserve a little lip service too.

Kiss Behind The Earlobe

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Alternate the styles

Do not feel as it is a must to continue the French kiss indefinitely. You can spice it up by being soft and hard, slow and fast, deep and shallow periodically.Doing this will make your partner wait for what is coming next. Surprises make your kisses more passionate and fresh.Also love your partner from head to toe with luscious kisses at the same time as it conveys warmth and tenderness.

French Kiss

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Let your inner animal loose

Spoon him/her from behind, and kiss the nape of the neck. Let them know how hungry you are for their love by gently biting their lip, their jawline or the spots on their body that can take a little roughhousing. Teeth the skin lightly and pull, then run your tongue around the area and kiss it. Softly suck on each other’s necks too during foreplay, leaving your partner wanting for more. The pressure of your lips against their skin will give a push to the build-up you’ve been feeling inside and create a powerful need for that heavenly release.


Kiss The Nape Of The Neck

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So next time you’re about to lock lips, remember that it’s a fun moment between you and your partner. Don’t brush a kiss aside as something unimportant, take a little time to do it right. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to put on your best guard with Playgard condoms to give her more.


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