How Can We Make Condoms, Love And Sex More Acceptable!

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We’ve all come across a condom ad while we enjoy a television show at home with our family and friends. Why do the advertisers put the ad at that time? Because it indeed is the necessity of the generation.

One of the greatest problem of the world is its overpopulation and the preventive measure to control this is to make better use of condoms. And here population is not the only problem of the modern youth. It’s how rapidly the diseases of HIV/AIDS, STD’s are spread. The actual problem here is unsafe sex. Making appropriate use of the condoms can save you from all of it.

Spreading awareness is important so as to live in the world with less diseases and more peace. For condoms, sex and love to be made more acceptable, we need to showcase it in a very normal manner. A condom isn’t contraband, or dirty. It simply talks about safe sex and ways to use it. There need not be any negative associations with the word condom.

It’s time we change the image of a condom and sell it the way we sell other important products related to pregnancies and contraception. Because it is normal to use one for safe sex.

We, as a society have to collectively work towards opening our minds and seeing things in perspective. And make love making, sex and usage of condoms much more acceptable. The only way we can do it is making efforts to spread its awareness and tell everyone how important it is to make use of a condom.

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