Read The Signs – A Guide To Her Body Language When She Wants You To Give Her More

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Signs She Wants You To Give Her More
Men are usually unaware when it comes to understanding the body language of a woman. They don’t really understand when a woman wants something because they aren’t really sure how to read their body language. In communication in a relationship, understanding body language is the key. Most of the times, women prefer communicating through their body. It is very important for a man to be alert all the time, when his woman is trying to give off some secret signals.

Here are a few tips that will help you understand the read when a woman wants you.

1. She’ll start imitating you:

When a woman is drawn towards you, she’ll do everything to impress you and when she starts mirroring your actions, it is a signal, guys! It is her way of saying that she is ready for all the action that you must’ve planned but aren’t taking a step ahead. She wants you to understand during this time, that she’s fallen for you and is interested.

2. She’s facing you, her feet drawn towards you:

Women have the tendency to behave cozy when they’re attracted to a man. If a woman you’re with has been listening to you carefully without interrupting and is facing you, it is a sign. More importantly, when she’s facing you and her feet too are pointed towards you, don’t take that extra time to think! She definitely is interested.

3. She’s listening attentively without a blink and leaning towards you:

Woman only listen attentively to a man when she is genuinely interested. Other times, they’re looking at you and thinking about something else. If it is that rare moment when she’s listening attentively and is leaning towards you, she may not want to listen more and would expect you to get down to business. Don’t let this opportunity go because if you do, she might not be so much inclined towards you the next time.

4. She’ll start leaving hints:

Believe it or not but it’s true that woman want more sex than men think. Pick up the hints! When she cracks that naughty joke or sends you a dirty message, she’s not sharing it because it is funny. Instead she’s giving you a signal that it’s what she wants right now, be it getting sozy during foreplay or settling for sex altogether. That’s her way of saying that she wants sex. And if you pick the right signal at the right time, she’ll love you for your intelligence even more.
In most of the cases, men underestimate their partner’s sex drive and don’t pick up signs and expect their partners to say it out verbally. Women don’t say it; they show the love. So, remember, the next time she’s giving you a sensual touch and has been showing interest, don’t misunderstand and tell her she’s a good listener. Take her out for a romantic dinner followed by an intimate night that she’ll never forget.

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