Gearing Up for Winter/Festive Sex

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Gearing Up for Winter Sex

Sex is an essential part of any relationship, however, during winter, just like everything else around us, even our sex life takes a nosedive and comes to an eventual standstill. Apart from snuggling and cuddling, any activity that demands you to be excessively physical is saved for those less wintry days. Despite your lack of will to get up and get going, you should as there are a number of benefits of having sex, especially during winter – it boosts your immune system, it releases endorphins (hormones that are responsible for happiness), and it even helps you fight anxiety! But obviously, it’s not so easy to find the will to do it. So… 

Here’s a list of tips that will help you get up and gear up for some…a lot of winter/festive loving sessions

Keep your bedroom heated:

As much fun as it can be, having sex under a blanket can be limiting for some, so don’t confine yourselves to the warmth of your blanket. Turn on the heater a little while before you plan to get started with the foreplay so that your room is nice and toasty when you’re ready to do it. This way you’ll be able to try a lot more positions also. 

Have a warm drink:

A warm drink is always welcome during winter, let alone before making out or going down on your partner. This feeling of warmth is great for both men and women. If you or your partner are feeling a little adventurous, you can even try drinking peppermint tea, this will give your partner a tingly sensation. 

Use warming oils: 

Why not try something that is soothing as well as pleasurable? Massaging your partner with warming oils will get their blood circulating and create a soothing sensation. This will help you both in getting out of bed and get it going. As an added bonus, you’ll both smell amazing. Be careful if you are planning to use oil for lubrication as you might need to purchase some that are actually designed for it and don’t cause any irritation. 

Take a warm bath:

To shed away laziness, there is nothing better than a warm shower/bath. This can be even more effective if you bring your partner to share the warmth with you. A warm bath is advised before as well as after your love making session to maintain your body temperature. 

Cover up your feet:

This one’s only for women. Wear a pair of knee length socks or thigh high stockings. The aim here is to keep your feet warm enough to make your experience pleasurable. If a woman’s feet are warm, she has a better chance of reaching orgasm during love making. So shed everything but those festive stockings, not only will it look sexy on you but also keep you warmed up. 

Do you have any other tips for a great winter/festive love making session? Comment below. 

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