Foreplay Facts You Didn’t Know

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Best Foreplay Facts

The best way to boost your libido before sex is through an intense session of foreplay. All you need to do is master this art to give her the best O. It’s proven, most of the women cannot achieve an orgasm through penetration alone. This warm up is the best way to heat up your partner for sex.  

Here are some facts you need to know before hopping into the session: –

Talk dirty in public: –

Who said it has to start in the bedroom? You will be surprise to know how a little teasing in public can make her go wild for you. Talking dirty in public arouses a person way more than it could in private. The repressed desires take control when you talk dirty in public. Choose your words wisely and give her the cerebral orgasm with every dirty sentence. 

Ambience matters: –

The easiest way to give a woman multiple orgasms is not through penetration but foreplay. Brain is the largest sex organ and you just need to control that one. How?  

Set the right ambience. Light some scented candles, prepare a scrumptious meal, turn on some sensual music and watch the magic unfurl. “Smart Is the New Sexy” by Zella Day“Intro” by The XX, “Night Like This” by LP, “Let’s Get Started” by Dylan Gardner, etc., are some of the best songs to make love to. You can even experiment with flavoured condoms to create that perfect aromatic aura. 

Reading her body language: - 

Most guys forget to check her response during foreplay. They simply go on and on with a preconceived notion that they may have read or seen in porn clips. Remember, it takes two to tango. Swirl along with her desires by asking her whether she likes it or not. Be on the same page, get to know her through her body language. Yes, you can tell whether it’s a fake moan or not. Study how she responds and take the match forward.  

Touch the right nerves: –

Do not forget the erogenous zones like the jawline, the shoulders, the collarbone, the inner thigh. These areas, when touched, stimulates the genitals instantly.  The key is the clit that has about 8000 nerve endings. This is literally the portal to heaven. Majority of the nerve endings are in the vulva and a great massage can make her beg for more. And remember, different strokes for different folks. Use the right one to get to the next level. Go for the super dotted condoms to give her maximum pleasure through stimulation.  

We’d like to know your secret to a great foreplay. Let us know about your foreplay session and any facts you have discovered. 

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