Footsie, An Important Part Of Foreplay!

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You all must have hit the gym or played some kind of sport in your life. What is that one thing you do at the beginning of your workout? You warm up! Foreplay is the warm up to your amazing sex life. It can raise your intimacy to another level and heighten your experience in bed. 

With the internet taking over our generation, the new-age communication is growing on all of us, while we are at it, let us tell you about an incredible old-school way of flirting, i.e. Footsie! 

So, what does playing footsie mean? 

Footsie is a flirtatiously sexy way of arousing your partner in all the right aspects with the help of your playful feet! Interesting right? Footsie is played by rubbing your feet against your partner’s feet. It is often played secretly under the table in the presence of other people, which makes it exciting and pleasurable indeed!  

Get your feet in on the action and forget about the robotic sexting! 

Here are a bunch of tips to help you get those feet moving:

i) Cleanliness is above everything, make sure your feet are nice and clean. 

ii) Footsie is a mischievous yet an erotic way of flirting, so, choose your partner who is willing to play along with the game accordingly. 

iii) Tease your partner by tapping their feet and moving it away immediately, it will turn them on and make them crave you even more! 

iv) Maintain sexy and flirty eye contact with the person for an intimate connection. 

v) First, gently rub your partner’s feet and depending on their reaction, be more passionate and aggressive. 

vi) Discretion is the key while playing footsie, it is appropriately ideal if the table cloth is long enough and you can reach another person’s feet without accidentally touching other people at the table. 

Wink at them or give them a playful grin to initiate the game of footsie for a bit more fun. Footsie is a great way of flirting with your partner or someone you have a crush on, just make sure to keep our varied range of Super Dotted Condoms handy, as you don’t want to miss out on the fun that’s waiting for you later on. 

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