Five Things You Wish Someone Had Told You About Casual Sex!

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Casual sex is a term where the couples do want to have sex but don’t want to get attached or have feelings. If you’re having sex, there’s no existence of casual behaviour. So, what do you do when you want sex, but you don’t want feelings? The conflict in the past few years has been trying to figure out how to find the balance of being single and independent, while not reducing the relation to just a “booty call.”

Here are a few things that you would really want to know before having ‘Casual Sex’

The chemistry during sex is not the same as your love chemistry.

People often end up having great sex with someone they don’t love and lousy sex with someone they do love. It’s worthwhile to see if we can love the person with whom we have great sex—or improve the sex life with the person we love—because it’s better and important to not confuse the two.

Improve The Sex Life

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It’s absolutely fine to develop feelings.
We’re usually hyper-exposed to sexuality. If we’re not taught that sex is shameful and can lead to unwanted disease and problems, we’ll always be encouraged to have as much of it as possible. Both men and women can get attached to the people they sleep with and it’s normal. It’s absolutely OK to develop feelings…or not develop feelings. There is no one way to feel about the people you get naked with. Just make sure, it doesn’t end up hurting you.

Casual Sex With Playgard Condoms

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People give incredibly insane reasons to avoid using condoms. Take the advice with your own risk.

We usually think that with age people do mature and they’d want to make use of the condoms. But that’s not really the case. A lot of people in this age have either come out of long-term relationships or marriages and say that they haven’t had to use condoms for years. More reasons like this come up each time you get along with someone. But you need to deal with it in the right manner to stay away for further consequences.

Make Use Of The Condoms

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People involved in casual sex are the ones who have commitment issues.
Just when you think you can trust a person is when they decide to show you their back. That’s because they want to avoid the long-term relationship issues. The people involved in casual sex are the one who stay away from commitments. And even we tend to get along with such people because even we’re facing the trust issues and don’t want to get along with someone who is not their significant other, in literal terms.

Flavored Condoms For Casual Sex

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Sexual fantasies with a person can assure great knowledge about sex.
Sometimes we fantasize about what we really want and then sometimes our fantasies are a way to try old trauma to let us bear something difficult. We should not assume we want to act out our fantasies. Instead, we should let our fantasies be a mystery for ourselves and for the potential ones who teach us.

Wild Sexual Fantasies

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You always discover and learn new things when you have sex with different people. Each person gives you a new lesson. It is our personal decision if we want to stay with them after the session or explore more. As casual as it can get.

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