Exciting Role Play Ideas You Need To Try ASAP

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Best Roleplay Ideas

It gets really difficult to manage your sex life with the hectic working schedules and clocks ticking over our heads all the time, there’s no spice and thrill waiting for you at home. Talking about thrills and surprises, do you remember the first time you had sex with your partner? It was out of the world, wasn’t it? You can recreate that amazing night with a lot of kinks on the side. From dressing up for seduction to exploring different roles, roleplaying is intriguingly hot and sensual. Roleplay can also deepen your relationship and even strengthen it on many levels. It’s a very powerful way to express yourself and your desires and we’ve gathered a few roleplay ideas and accompanying stories along with it for you to try! 

 i) Intimidating Professor & a Nerdy Student: 

A student who’s trying to seduce her professor in order to raise her grades and would do whatever it takes to pass the test. You need a wooden scale, a few books in front of you and two nerdy spectacles for this erotic roleplay duo. 

ii) A Charming Cheerleader & a Hot Athlete:

A hot athlete taking a shower in the gymnasium and a sexy cheerleader who noticed him on the ground, covered in sweat and her hormones telling her to go and have a steamy session in the gymnasium itself! All you need is one of the shortest skirts from your wardrobe and a tight ponytail to have that cheerleader-like effect. Try this roleplay under a steamy hot shower and you will definitely have the time of your life. 

iii) Naughty Neighbours:

There’s a new hot girl that has entered in your neighborhood and she has knocked on your door for some ice, you want to take this golden opportunity into your hands and make the most of it and show her what heaven looks like! 

iv) The Ravishing Repairman:

Pretend that something has gone off at your place and you need to get it fixed as soon as possible, you have called for a service and there’s a handyman who has entered your home with an extremely good physique and you can feel your hormones building up. You can initiate the foreplay in the kitchen while he’s repairing and you guys can end up in the bedroom for the final climax and don’t forget to keep your super dotted condoms handy for the oh-so-wow feel! 

v) Sexy Strangers at the Bar:

Strangers sitting across each other’s table at a bar of a really nice hotel, exchanging glances and soon approaching each other by offering them a drink or asking them for a dance. You can play hot footsie under the table and take it ahead by either hooking up in the washroom or end up having a sizzling night in a booked room where you were supposed to meet someone else. 

It’s just a matter of building that fantasy with your partner, and creating a moment that leaves you two moaning with pleasure! So unleash your partner’s role playing fantasies and use our varied range of Flavoured Condoms for the ultimate night of your life. 

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