Everyday Things That Are A Turn On

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Things That Can Trigger Your Sexual Hormones

Sometimes, it might seem that it’s peculiar to get turned on by a random pole on the street or a rather controversial object but here’s the thing, you are not the only one. There’s nothing wrong in letting your imagination go wild. Sometimes the obvious triggers fail to turn you on but these non-sexual and off target things may become weirdly attractive.  

Here’s our list of random things that can trigger your sexual hormones


Not many people know this but a lot of us are attracted to idiosyncratic styles. Certain habits that include style statements, the way someone does a thing in their own way, etc. It’s incredibly sexy when a guy loosens his tie and/or rolls up his sleeves and it’s equally the same when a woman wearing formals loosens her buttons. Only if done unintentionally, otherwise it would lose the whole essence which was obviously not to turn you on but to ease oneself.

Smell of You:

Believe it or not, we all love and are driven by the aromas around us! And a good cologne is a huge turn on for both men and women. It’s the perfect balance of not too much and not too little that makes it irresistible. Avoid strong smelling deodorants, and go for subtle and long-lasting perfumes that leave a mark and a sense of identity.  


For guys, stretching, ponytail, glasses, socks. Anything remotely similar to that is a turn on! Guys love it when they see a choker on a sleek neck. We all know there’s something kinky about chokers. It’s an instant turn on for men and some women too.  

Accent of Seduction:

Just how the Indian accent is being considered exotic, hot or seductive in many countries, foreign accents in India have a large following. Don’t be shocked if you find someone drool over a good-looking persona that speaks fluent third language. Bri’sh, Espana, French are few accents that top that list for many.  

Facial Hair

Men if you’re reading this, don’t just shave yet. A lot of women have a thing for beard. Facial hair is considered among the top 5 turn-ons for women. Girls find it irresistible and are completely turned on by it. Also read “10 Ways To Turn On Your Woman”. 

Is that all? Of course, not. There are a lot of other (weird or kinky) things that can turn people on. But this is our list of top 5 daily things that can turn you on. The next time you want to buy her a drink, man, just sprinkle some accent. Or maybe roll up your sleeves and subtly flex some muscles. Comment below and let us know how it went. 

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