Common Myths about Sex

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Common Myths About Sex

Myths about sex and sexual pleasure have been prevailing in our society since ages. Although now there is much awareness due to the onset of internet awareness, however, there are still many things that people believe to be true.


All Women Orgasm

1. All Women Orgasm:

This isn’t true as some women experience Anorgasmia– a medical condition which causes a persistent inability to achieve orgasm despite responding to sexual stimulation. But that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy sexual pleasure. Orgasm is nothing but the destination where women need to reach; travelling to that point can be just as much fun than reaching it.

Foreplay Before Sex

2. Foreplay must start in bed, right before sex:

‘If she sees a sensitive and passionate side of a man, added to his hot looks, she will feel more connected to him. That will make her more eager and ready for an amazing sex session. This does not necessarily mean that foreplay must start after reaching or going to bed. It could start right in the middle of a football stadium. All you need to do is share an eye contact.

At home, say something seductive in her ears while she is cooking dinner or an erotic massage when she is reading.

Myths About Sex

3.You can tell the size of a man’s penis by his shoe size:

This is one of the biggest myths about sex that still persists. Many people use feet as an indicator for ‘that’ size. In 2002, a study of 104 men at University College London found absolutely no correlation between the two. People who are short in height (5’ to 5’7’’ feet) are known to pleasure their women properly as per a 210 men study in South Africa.

Men Don’t Need A Kickstart

4.Men don’t need a kickstart:

Some men, like women, do want to be wanted. It is a very common misconception that orgasm is just for the ladies out there. Some men need stimulation in order to get an erection. Even though there is a strong belief that when a guy gets turned on, he immediately gets an erection. A survey, which questioned 2,000 people, learned that men also need a peck on the lips or a sexy message from their partners.

Woman’s Ability To Orgasm

5. A woman’s ability to orgasm depends entirely on foreplay:

Along with the myth that men don’t need foreplay, there’s the myth that women need it every single time they have sex. Women need only 5-10 seconds to respond after they began watching an erotic or porn film. Yes, women may need more time to get into the mood, but that is not always. They could also occasionally enjoy a quickie. Really depends from woman to woman and the relation she has with you.

Condoms Ruin Sex

6.Condoms ruin sex

This is a no brainer. Using condoms means your partner cares and you can relax, enjoy what is happening and worry about its side effects. Often the sensation of “not feeling anything” is due to a lack of lubrication so adding a little can make it more pleasurable.

Sex Needs To Last Hours

7.Sex needs to last hours

There is nothing like “Sex should last as long as 2-3 hours”. It is a very huge misconception that it should last for hours.
Sex should last however long you want it to. Many couples enjoy satisfying sexual intercourse which lasts between 3-60 minutes.
It is quite subjective. Some women love long love making sessions, while men could find this dull and dreary and often prefer to finish it off quickly.
On the other hand, some enjoy slow, sensual pleasure.
It depends on who, where, when, why and how you have sex. If you only have time for a ‘quickie’, then the three minute sex is perfect and extremely satisfying.

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