Can Cooking With Your Partner Initiate Foreplay?

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Cooking With Your Partner

We can’t stress enough about how beautiful the art of foreplay is! It’s highly intriguing and exciting. Foreplay is the delicious gourmet starter you eat before your main course. Ever heard about a saying ‘Partners that cook together, stay together.’ but we are not going to talk about the boring recipes over here, but the actual sizzle that can happen between your cooking sessions! 

Let’s begin with the deliciousness, shall we? 

i) This is What You Knead Right Now!:- 

Who knew you could initiate foreplay while kneading dough? Take some dry flour on the tips of your fingers and rub it against your partner’s skin slowly and steadily.  While women are busy kneading the dough, men can sizzle up the kitchen by spooning her from behind and begin with massaging the length of her legs, from her upper thighs down to her ankles and vice versa. With this, you’ll definitely have your partner in ecstasy and make them fond of this session even more! 

ii) Whipped Cream for the Win:-

The fresh fluffy clouds of sweetness are the way to your partner’s heart and if you like the idea of stickiness, even better! Get a fresh can of whipped cream and integrate the tasty treat into your foreplay by having your partner spray it on your soft spots and lick it off like there’s no tomorrow.  So, bring your tongue into the action and most importantly make sure you’re able to read how they are responding to whatever you’re doing, as It shouldn’t be hard to tell which part excites them more. 

iii) Keep Some Ice-Pops Handy:- 

The sensations of hot and cold can-do wonders for your body in all the right aspects and to help you with that, we have ice-pops! An ice-pop is not just our favorite childhood treat but it can come really handy when you want to have that oh-so-hot moment in the kitchen.  All the ladies out there, this is the right time to show off your skills by sucking and licking a popsicle of your favourite flavour and swap the delicious icy treat back and forth between your mouth during a perfect oral session. 

iv) Squishing and Squeezing:- 

There’s a lot of squishing, crushing and squeezing involved in the kitchen while cooking. Make the right use of this time and get your partner involved in this process. Grab some tomatoes and squish them on their body and start caressing, licking, or nibbling each other’s erogenous zones, such as their neck, back, ears, belly, or wrists, and have this tangy treat with the ultimate fun on the side and let’s not forget tomatoes have a lot of skin benefits hidden underneath as well. 

When it comes to the real deal i.e. Sex, we often get caught up in the final act, but the more delicious stuff is actually the lead-in. The kitchen can fulfill your tummy and can make your heart and soul even fuller, that’s why make sure you make the right use of everything that’s available in the kitchen appropriately. Also, if you love experimenting with flavours, get your favourite flavoured condoms online and order condoms online only on for perfecting that cooking session from boring to exciting. 

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