7 Female Erogenous Zones For Her Ultimate Pleasure

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Research suggests, that 50% men cannot label the vagina on a female’s body. Now you can imagine how clueless they might be about the other erogenous zones of a woman! You will definitely not be as ignorant, but this blog will definitely enlighten you about the various touches and delicate caresses you need to practice for a good session in bed!


Even a peck is enough to ignite the initial spark. Start off with soft kisses, using only your lips to meet hers. Eventually, open your mouth wider involving some tongue. This is the point where the kiss will lead you to the bed or foreplay, so give it your best shot! In such a situation, performance anxiety is your worst enemy. You don’t want to spoil the moment, so make sure you’re confident enough or have established a connection with her.

Start Off With Soft Kisses

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Apart from kissing and licking the ears, it’s a good idea to suck and nibble on her earlobes. If she has piercings there, your moves will arouse her even more as piercings are believed to disrupt the nerve endings making the area even more sensitive.

Kissing The Ears

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This area is sensitive and has a high concentration of light-touch receptors. After a lot of passionate kissing, go lower and kiss, touch and lick all of her neck, especially below the ears. The shoulder bones are sensitive too, so don’t miss out on that. Rub the area just below her hairline, at the back which is supposed to be the erotic spot.

Kiss, Touch And Lick All Of Her Neck

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Thighs and Knees

You must be eager to get close to ‘your destination’ but there’s a lot more left to do! Caress and run your fingers on her knees and behind the knees. Massage her thighs, especially her inner thigh. These areas have so many nerve endings that’ll arouse her in every way. It’s smart to touch a woman in these areas to turn up the heat.

Run Your Fingers On Her Knees And Behind The Knees</>

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The lower portion of the abdomen is considered to be an erogenous zone, as it’s in the same vicinity as the other sexual organs. In spite of being aroused on the sight of a woman’s belly, very few men know that this area can be used to turn on your girl. Lick her belly button and bite her stomach, as this area is closest to her privates. Tease her and caress her stomach from top to bottom, gently.

Lick Her Belly Button And Bite Her Stomach

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This will definitely make her go wild! Light to medium pressure works well. Temperature-discerning does wonders too! Use ice to send chills down her spine while confusing her, whether to just feel cold or to get aroused. Everyone knows this erogenous zone well, but very few put it to good use.

Use Ice To Send Chills Down Her Spine

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Finally coming to the spot, the clitoris boasts of more than a 1000 nerve-endings. But for every woman, the stimulation that works is different. Some prefer the circular motion while some prefer it up and down. Vibration (at a fast pace) is the best way to fire up the clitoris!

Fire Up The Clitoris

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At the end of the day (or night ;)), it’s all about how well you know your girl. The basic tip is to carry a condom, wherever you go. Never know when you might need it

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