6 Tips To Give Her The Ultimate G-spot Orgasm

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People talk about the Grafenberg spot (a.k.a G-spot) as though it’s a treasure in a woman’s body, which very few have found. It’s only true that very few take the efforts to locate it. If she is paid enough attention to, it’s only waiting to be touched by you.

Here are a few techniques for you to locate her G-spot:

Talk first

It’s best to tell her how you feel the need to explore her body, know her well, dig in deep. Make her understand that you’re interested in her. Let her realise that it isn’t just a selfish act of intimacy, but an act of passion which involves her pleasure, as well as yours. This dialogue will definitely boost your confidence in bed so that you can go further and explore her body to find the G-spot.

Boost Your Confidence In Bed

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Sharp is uncool

Always make it a point to trim your nails and not leave any pointy edges. You wouldn’t want her to screech in pain for the wrong things. After your nails are trimmed, you can delve in deep in her vagina with your fingers till you touch a soft, sponge kind of surface. She’ll love it when you touch the spot repeatedly and massage it gently.

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The Hook

Use two well lubricated fingers (index and middle finger) to enter her, and use stroking movements towards you. Not straight in, but the G-spot is a few centimetres inside her frontal vaginal wall. The rhythmic and slightly circular movements provide different sensations to her. The G-spot and the clitoris, like your penis, swells up to twice the size when she’s aroused. So it’s not exactly hidden from you, if you do it well.

The Hook

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First the clit

It’s critical that she’s reached the height of arousal before you venture out to find her G-spot. Giving her a clitoral orgasm not only helps her lubricate more, but also helps her relax so it’s easy for you to hit the spot without any anxiety! Let her soak in the pleasure, give her the best time of her life with a lot of foreplay, and focus on all kinds of sexual arousal for her.

Give Her The Best Time With Foreplay

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The apt position

There are quite a few sex positions that will ensure that you hit the G-spot. Girl on top position allows her to control her movements so that she knows what’s best for her. While the woman is on top, she can apply enough pressure so that her clitoris gets stimulated. Also, the Doggy position allows access to her G-spot as the position lifts and tilts her pelvic. Apart from thrusting straight, try to get a little circular movement to your hip to hit her G-spot

The Apt Position

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Comes with age

While clitoral stimulation seems to be the only spot for younger girls, a G-spot orgasm comes with experience. A G-spot orgasm requires a lot of exploration and experimentation, which eventually becomes the most sought after orgasm. If your partner is slightly older, G-spot orgasms will result in the most ultimate climaxes, compared to clitoral stimulation.

G-spot Orgasms

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Keep it in mind, that the G-spot is the one and the only place you need to focus on if you want to blow your woman away during sex! Now that you have these few techniques ‘at hand’, use them right away to make her moan with ecstasy.

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