6 Tips On How To Last Longer In Bed

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In a study, researchers had a few hundred couples measure the time between vaginal penetration and male ejaculation over four weeks of sex sessions. The average time taken was 5.4 minutes. This clearly shows how important it is to engage in foreplay for your benefit, and also for hers, so that you last longer in bed.

Here are a few techniques to make you better at what you do best

Reduce performance anxiety

If you keep thinking about it, as though you’re called for an interview, obviously you’ll be nervous, in turn affecting your performance in bed. Also, biologically, the insecurity makes you anxious. Sliding in with any sort of anxiety results in you cumming too soon. In this situation, it’s best to talk to your partner and build rapport with her so that you both feel comfortable with each other.

Reduce Performance Anxiety













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Stop and start

This is known to be the most popular method to last longer, not only because it’s an old method, but also because it works. It involves stopping for 30-40 seconds just before you feel the pressure to ejaculate, and then restarting the stimulation (be it oral, anal or penovaginal sex) and repeating it a several times, till you feel your partner and you have enjoyed enough. This method is known to give maximum results.

Stop And Start Method
















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Use a condom

Using condoms not only prevent STDs and pregnancy, but also act as an aid in this case. If you’re facing premature ejaculation issues, a climax delay condom is your saviour! In the other case, the regular condoms act as a layer because of which you’ll take a little longer to orgasm compared to having sex without using one. Also, if your partner isn’t tested, it’s always safe to use a condom.

Ladies first

It is a popularly known fact, that women enjoy clitoral stimulation a lot more than penetration unlike men. Give her the time of her life by focusing on her erogenous zones, like the knees, armpits, and ear lobe which also give you time to recuperate. Once your penis loses the sensation, it’s easier for you to hold back your orgasm for longer. Once she has enjoyed several orgasms, it’ll take you off the pressure of lasting longer in bed.

Women Enjoy Clitoral Stimulation










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Sweat it

Kegel. Kegel. Kegel.

We mean for you to work out your pubococcygeal (PC) muscles of the pelvic floor. This will lead your muscles to be stronger and in control of your mind. Thus, the muscles won’t let you orgasm unless you intend to. These exercises also help heighten your arousal in general. The strength of your erection and premature ejaculation (if that is an issue you’re facing) will definitely be gone.

Sweat It












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Do more than just thrust

There’s a lot more to sex than just thrusts. Lick, kiss, touch, squeeze, tease, and bite her. Take time to know her body and yours, as you have erogenous zones too (not as many as her) to explore. Try different positions instead of just sticking to one. As you show variation and interest in foreplay and sex, she’ll also want to experiment with you, which helps you last longer.

Do More Than Just Thrust














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At the end of the day, it’s all just a matter of execution. Few changes in your thought process and workout regime can contribute largely to your performance in bed.

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