5 Ways To Ensure Safe Sex Even When She’s Ovulating

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Since a zillion years now, people have been using different methods of birth control. And in this day and age, our technology and sciences have evolved. There are better and more permanent ways of birth control.

Here are some of them:

Being the most inexpensive method of pregnancy prevention, and the most effective one, it’s advisable to put on a condom before having sex. Using one for anal and oral sex helps too, as it protects you from STDs. Apart from these benefits, it is also easily available at medical stores in a pack of 3 or more. The various flavours, namely strawberry, orange, chocolate, and Indian favourites like paan and more, make the use of condoms interesting. The textures like ribbed, dotted and Super dotted condomsalso also help provide more pleasure, along with the climax delay variants for the ones who face premature ejaculation issues.
Super Dotted Condoms From Playgard














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Pull-out method
Also known as the withdrawal method, it involves removing the penis from her vagina before you ejaculate inside her. It is a legitimate form of foreplay, but is debatable, as it’s only human to lose control. Also, pre-cum (discharge from the penis before the man ejaculates semen) might also make the woman pregnant.

Pull-out method












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Sterilization for women (Tubectomy)

This is a permanent and full proof procedure for women to go sterile i.e. never get pregnant again. The procedure is slightly expensive and it mainly involves the blocking of a woman’s fallopian tubes. Professionals either cut or tie the fallopian tubes, or they insert tiny puttings in it. The motive is to not let sperm enter the woman’s fallopian tubes thus, it doesn’t get her pregnant.

Sterilization for Women
















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Like the above-mentioned procedure, this is a permanent birth control option for men. A vasectomy involves closing the tubes that carry the sperms out of a man’s body. This has a reversal option, but there’s no guarantee. It’s a relatively expensive procedure, but full proof.











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Birth Control Pills

Infamously known as “the pill” or oral contraceptives, it is a tablet that is supposed to be consumed by the woman within 72 hours of she having sex. The pill makes the cervical mucus thicker thus not letting the sperm get to the eggs. These birth control pills are known to disturb the hormones and the menstrual cycle of women.

Birth Control Pills













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All in all, using a condom is the best method of birth control, as it’s neither permanent nor expensive. Vasectomy and Tubectomy are best if you want a permanent birth control solution. The pull-out and the pills are best not indulged in.

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