5 Tips For Steamy Shower Sex

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Tips For Steamy Shower Sex

Good shower sex is probably one of the top fantasies of both partners! But we all know that the slipperiness and the small space makes it super difficult and sometimes even awkward to fully enjoy it. So, if you too wish to casually indulge in a post-gym or pre-work quickie in the shower then we have some super handy tricks for you! 

1. Always keep lube handy:

Lube is the ultimate secret to having sex anywhere easily. Too much water can wash off your natural lube thus making it harder to have sex. The simple way to avoid this is by always keeping some lube in your bathroom and using it whenever the opportunity presents itself! 

2. Finding a stable position:

One of the most common difficulties faced during shower sex is finding a good position to actually have sex in while standing. One way to easily overcome this is by resting your partner and your hands against a wall to create maximum stability and support and avoid any injuries. 

3.Have a hot shower:

Wondering what’s better than shower sex? The answer is: Hot shower sex. A steamy shower will not only help you and your partner to relax your muscles and joints but will also make your body sensitive to touch. This trick will do wonders in making your shower sex experience extremely worthwhile. 

4. Set the mood:

Sometimes all you need to make your shower sex more fun is just the right mood. White walls and detergent scent are not the most romantic things to have sex to. So, next time when you wish to make your shower time more memorable, light some candles and throw some flowers around to set the right mood and create the most immersive experience ever! 

5. Be prepared:

A very important trick to not let items falling off your shelves or interrupting your sexy time is to make sure you keep everything aside beforehand. Keeping a shower mat handy right outside the bathroom also helps in reducing your chances in making your room unnecessarily wet while also avoiding any slipping injuries. 

We hope these tips and tricks help you make your sexy time in shower extremely satisfying and unforgettable. To make things even spicier don’t shy away from using some toys and flavoured condom as well! 

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