5 Things To Do With Chocolate During Foreplay

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Use of Chocolate During Foreplay

Chocolate can stimulate your heart, turn you on and give you a taste of naughtiness. It is a powerful source of antioxidants and can perform as an immediate mood booster. Chocolate has been proven to soothe your soul and mind. You must have heard chocolate is better than sex, so, what if we tell you, that you can enjoy eating chocolate and your partner together?  Yes! We’ve listed down 5 things you can do with chocolate during foreplay.

Play Hide and Seek:

Get naughty with a playful game of hide and seek. Blind fold your partner and smudge some chocolate syrup somewhere on your body, and now you can begin with the hot game of lick and guess. Tell your partner to lick your body and guess where the chocolate is. If you love intimacy, you are going to love every bit of this steamy foreplay! 

Sensitive Licking:

Get into some erotic tongue action and feel the heat between the sheets. Apply some melted chocolate behind your earlobe, on the dip of your collarbone, between the thighs and show your partner a heavenly time with maximum satisfaction. 

A Hot Steamy Massage:

Drop the delicious warm melted chocolate on your partner’s body, and surprise them with a sensual massage. The best way to get dirty is to get dirty with chocolate and this is your chance to give your partner a flavorsome treat of sexiness. 

Hot & Cold:

The sensations of hot and cold can-do wonders to your body and make you feel aroused from top to bottom. There’s nothing more erotic than warm chocolate and frozen strawberries, use them over the sensitive areas of your partner, rub against each other and feel the temperature rising to the next level. 

Chocolate as a lubricant:

You are going to need old sheets, a bottle of chocolate syrup and the will to enjoy the stickiness of the delicious chocolate. Have an ultimate climax in a messy way, feel those delicate areas with the help of your tongue and caress each other’s body to meet the seductive side of you. 

Ignite your taste buds with the chocolate and feel a higher level of desire, arousal and sexual satisfaction. Don’t forget to use our exciting range of  Chocolate Flavored Condoms and Super Dotted Condoms and let chocolate do wonders, while you sit back and enjoy!  

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