5 Sex Positions To Tone Your Body

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Sex Positions To Tone Your Body

Would you believe us if we said that you can replace hours of gym exercises with some amazing sex and get the exact same results? Research suggests that some sex positions can be very conducive in helping you to tone your body and are nothing less than a whole exercise routine in themselves! So, go ahead and try these sex positions today and see the results with your own eyes! 

1. Cowgirl:

The cowgirl, as well as the reverse cowgirl position, are both super effective in working your abs, butt and arm muscles and can be equivalent to a full-body workout! Simply place your hands next to your partner to hold yourself up and squeeze your abs and butt muscles as you start doing it! Simple and effective indeed! 

2. Standing:

If you want to try something that will really challenge your muscles then go for a standing sex position. It simply requires the woman to wrap her legs around his waist and let the lifting do all the work! This position will help both the partners get in shape! 

3. Missionary:

Yes, one of the most loved sex positions can do more than just help you orgasm faster, it can also help you to strengthen your core and glutes! Just use every muscle to push harder and simply follow the rhythm!  

4. Bridge:

This one is a little tricky to execute but can give amazing results if done the right way. Lay on the floor and raise your body up using your feet and your arms. You can either wrap yourself around your partner or just simply lay on the floor and continue enjoying some amazing sex while also working those muscles! 

5. Doggy Style:

An easy position that gives marvellous results! It simply requires the woman to lift herself on all fours, helping her exercise those arm muscles while also strengthening the core. Sounds like a better version of your ordinary push up, doesn’t it? 

So, don’t miss out on this incredible chance to get healthy and toned while having the best sex of your lives and get the best of both worlds! Don’t forget to use Playgard Super Dotted condoms to ensure maximum pleasure during this special “workout” session. 

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