5 Props For You To Experiment In Bed

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Sex maybe all about physical activity a couple engages in by touching, kissing and penetration. And we also know that this can get boring once the sparks fade. It’s believed that sex makes people happy and helps de-stress, but that’s not entirely true. Sex can become a routine thing.

Here are some exciting things to try in bed and score some brownie points:

Roleplay dress-up
Come out of your comfort zone and put all your fantasies into practice. Teacher-student, doctor-patient, pizza delivery girl-customer, and there’s a lot more to explore. Play dress-up, act like one and learn more about what turns her on. A lot of times, roleplay also involves aspects of bondage and fetish. Let go off your inhibitions and let the beast inside you take control, for she might have a uniform fetish too!

Roleplay Dress-up

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Food Sex
Sex and delicious food are related as they both release the happy-hormone. The best part is, there are various foods that unlock ‘extra intense’ carnal desires. Chocolate ganache or basic chocolate sauce is good enough, as research says that the heart rate of couples when they kiss and when they have chocolate together, is the same! Or there’s honey which can be smeared on her body for you to lick off, or mango for the intoxicating aroma that’ll tantalize you into longer foreplay sessions.

Food Sex

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Handcuffs and blindfold
Along with a lot of trust, excitement and fun aspects attached to it, using handcuffs in the bedroom is a good idea. The idea of control and dominance turns on some, while some women enjoy being dominant towards their man. A blindfold acts as a fun thing as the feeling of suspense doubles the excitement. The temporary transfer of control or power in itself can be sexually arousing, which leads to sadomasochism, practiced by many.

Handcuffs And Blindfold

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Oil massages
What better than to touch each other all over with warm oil? In some cases, this can be the best ‘foreplay starter.’ For those who’re pretty shy and wouldn’t talk of jumping straight into the act, a massage can be an innocent way to start thinking and talking of sex, or getting her into the mood. When she returns from work and you want to take it straight to the bedroom, instead of asking her for sex and seeming selfish, tell her you’d love to give her a massage, set the mood, and eventually get her interested into the act.

Oil massages

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We never really stopped liking peek-a-boo really. Kids love it and as adults, we still love it! Buy lingerie for her that gives away just a little and yet gets you crazy with lust. It’s all about the tease, and as men, we love the chase. Stripping is a part of foreplay, and it’ll definitely turn up the heat considering the way she’ll be dressed. Keep the condom ready so that you don’t have to wait further more.

Stripping Is A Part Of Foreplay

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Try one, try all, you’ll be the winner anyway! Introducing these tactics to spice up your sex lives, will definitely be appreciated by your lady. Have fun and stay safe!

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