5 Fun And Crazy Places To Have Sex

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Crazy Places To Have Sex

What do you need for exciting sex? The right person and the right place and with that being said, thrilling and extraordinary places have a tendency of heightening your sexual experiences. If your bucket list consists of cliche to-do’s like skydiving and bungee-jumping, you need to rethink about your commitments to adventure. Sex in the bedroom is great, but have you ever thought about taking it to another level and doubling up the excitement for you and your partner? Brace yourselves, as we are about to share some of the most pleasurable and fun places you can have sex and fall in love with the thought of it! 

i) Rooftops:

Unleash yourself for a perfect sex getaway for a perfect night. All you have to do is to just sneak onto your rooftop and make sure no one notices! Grab a couple of sheets, a cozy warm blanket,  red wine, and your favourite dotted condom with you for a flavorsome treat, right beneath the skies Don’t wait, as you’re missing out on a sexy starry night! 

ii) Car:

Car sex is an absolute classic for a reason, as it’s thrilling and sexy at the same time. Now, choosing a place is up to you, it can be heated up sex in a parking lot, wild sex in the wild, thrilling sex in the middle of nowhere or anything that excites you to the core. Just make sure you don’t get caught unless you want to ruin your thrill. And if you crack the code of car sex and do it right, it’ll be super-naughty and a spontaneous memory for you two! 

iii) On top of the washing machine:

Vibrators are a cool tool, but have you ever had sex on top of the washing machine? If not, just do it! It’s pleasurable to the core and the rhythmic movement of the washing machine can really take your experience on to the next level. So, load in a few dirty towels in the washing machine and get on top of it. You can get dirty on it, while your towels are getting cleaned! 

iv) Washrooms of Bars and Restaurants:

Yet another classic on our list, ever been so turned on by your partner at a bar, and wanted to have sex right there! No need to get disheartened, bars and restaurants usually have common washrooms and you can use them as per your liking. Tell your partner to go in first, and then get in after them. Men, pick up your lady and make her sit on the washbasin (only if it’s strong enough to handle your strokes) and enjoy this steaming hot session. There’s something intriguingly erotic about getting naked in a public washroom. And, your mind will be blown once you try it! 

v) Beaches, Late at Night:

Men, this is one of the most exciting fantasies of women all around the world. Beaches are romantic and also the perfect spot to get hot and heavy! Grab one beach umbrella, a sheet and you’re done. (Just make sure there’s no one watching, especially children!) So, tick off that beach sex from the list and bring the best out of your beach vacation. 

Sometimes, it is necessary to spice things up! So, change your boring sex routines, and get down and dirty in these places with your favourite Super Dotted Condoms and make the most of this wild-wild world! 

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