5 Everyday Household Items That Can Be Used Well During Foreplay

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Household Items For Foreplay

There’s something so intriguing about foreplay. The more you have it, the more you want it. It’s the sizzling delicious appetizer to the main course. According to the dictionaries, foreplay is an ‘Erotic stimulation preceding sexual intercourse’, but actually, foreplay is much more complex (and exciting) than just this. Foreplay is beyond cute little smooches and cuddling, it’s the madness that goes way beyond and helps you explore the wild side of your partner. In fact, you may find some frisky tools casually lying around your house, waiting to spice up your sex life to the core with them. Don’t believe us? Let’s us tell you a few of them 


Get ready to tape-up your fantasies to your bed with your partner. Chop off some tape and tie it around your partner’s wrists or over the mouth and make your partner moan with pleasure. 


The lingering effect of ice cubes can do wonders to you. And, to all the ladies out there, keep an ice cube in between your tasteful lips and gently rub it all over his body. The chilling icy effect is going to get your man head over heels for you and make him want you even more! Men can do the same by rubbing the ice on her delicate areas and going back and forth for that hot lingering effect. 

Wet hot towel:

You must’ve heard about the magic carpet, but have you heard about the magic towel? Get some hot wet towel and squeeze it over your bae’s soft spots. Sensations of hot and cold can arouse your significant other and ignite that spark. 


Get your masseur cap on and trace every edge of the partner’s body with warm oil and surprise them with an intimate sexy back massage or you can lather it up so your skin looks silky smooth and oh-so-attractive! 

Shower Head:

When it comes to foreplay, water can be your best friend. Have the most amazing climax of your life by putting this handy tool into use, bring it in action with the right amount of pressure to watch your partner moan your name with pleasure! 

Make these tools a part of your foreplay and we are sure you won’t go back to something else. Also, don’t forget to make use of our varied range of flavoured condoms and give your partner a flavorsome treat to taste! 

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