5 Destinations For A Weekend Getaway That Will Arouse Her Senses

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Planning a vacation together is great, no matter what your relationship status maybe. Sit with her, and take her likes and preferences into consideration. Jot down a list of her likings and yours, and decide on a place and itinerary that you both love;

Here are some of the recommendations, pros and cons for you to decide a trip with your partner:

Sand and Sea
You’d think of a beach place to be the first trip you and your girl take, and it’s actually not that bad. Beaches are perfect as they suggest you and her to wear least number of clothes (if you know what we mean)! Lounging on the beach chairs, or on a mat, or swimming in the sea can be a fun activity to do together. Apply sunscreen to each other, swim together, clean up together, decide on a nice beach restaurant and feast on the best meals of your lives – there goes your blissful beach vacay! Go get your itineraries ready, what are you waiting for?

Romance on Sand & Sea

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Hills are calling
Trekking, rappelling, river crossing, rock climbing – do it all and get all sweaty. Sweaty sex is the best, some say. If your girl and you are into treks, it’s best to choose a hilly terrain or a vacay near a famous trekking spot, so that you both can enjoy an early morning trek, as you reach the top of the mountain and get to see the sunrise while making the most of a scrumptious breakfast atop! If you both are experimental enough, you might even end up shedding clothes in the middle of the trek! Be careful, and never forget to have a condom on you.

River Crossing

Image Credits: birthdayfrenzy.com

Endless sand
This option clearly is only for the wealthy ones. A luxury trip to a boundless desert where you get out of your hotel rooms only to visit a few places and do touristy stuff like sand-dune biking and sand boarding, or you could also stay in at times. To make the most of “room service” and have a gala time indoors is a good idea!

Luxury Trip To A Boundless Desert

Image Credits: letsfrolictogether.com

Weather is pleasant while all you do is lay in hay, and ride horses (while that’s not the only thing you ride)! Get yourself a tiny barn house amidst the meadows. It’s romantic to lay down with your girl in the grass, while you stare into the blue sky and the cotton-like clouds. Tickle her, tease her, and run around in the meadows like you’ve got nothing to worry. As pretty as the picture sounds, it’ll also be nice when you try this out. She’ll like you more for a peaceful vacation like this.


Image Credits: fiveoaksridingstables.com

Greenery everywhere
What best than to breathe in fresh oxygen, and relax in a tub set amidst tall trees while a squirrel peeks into your room! Opt for a treehouse set up overlooking a valley, make the most of your vacation as it turns into a healthy retreat away from your daily routine. Your best workout routine here can be the ample sex you’ll have, amongst the most serene and green environment.


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At the end of the day, whichever terrain you choose for you both to enjoy a vacay, it all depends on how chivalrous you are, because keep in mind – till now you only spent a little while with her on dates. But, this is going to be more than 24 hours with her. Make her realize that you’re the best she can get! Have fun but stay safe.

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