4 Positions To Help Give You The Ultimate Orgasm

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Best Sex Positions For The Ultimate Orgasm
There are a lot of unexplored positions that couples fantasize on trying with their partners in the bedroom but don’t get the chance or courage to. Though the basic sex positions feed the need during foreplay and sex, there are certain crazy positions that one must try to get the best orgasm of their life.

1.The Eagle.

It is the basic oral position where the girl lies on her back and her man can go down on her. This indeed, makes most women get their orgasm during the course. A man going down on her girl, using his tongue to give her the pleasure she desires. The girl may place a pillow under her hips for extra comfort.


Let your man play a little with your clitoris, starting to prep you up for the best sex. Here, the girl may spread her legs a little and the guy is allowed to enter inside her from the middle, lying on top of her.

3.Coital Alignment Technique.

This position is often also called as the advanced Missionary. Only in this position, rather than riding, let him rub his penis against your clit. This position may sound a little complex but is the easiest of all to get the best orgasm. It warms up the woman easily, giving her the pleasure, preparing her for sex at the same time.

4.The Countertop.

The countertop is a considerably complex position wherein the woman is lying on her back near the edge of a table, placing her legs straight up in the air as he enters inside her from the back, standing near the edge of the table. This position moves the woman to let her slide along the table, keeping her intact with her man at the same time when he takes charge and goes deep inside to control the situation.
These positions do sound crazy but are actually the one that brings out the best in her, giving her pleasure and letting her orgasm just when she wants. While you’re in the act, do not forget to give her more with Playgard’s SuperDotted Condoms.

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