10 Ways To Turn On Your Woman

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Things That Turn Women On
According to studies, women take considerably more time to get excited about sex than most men. Men are suggested to make some serious efforts to make their lady feel wanted and special. Few things that do make her feel special are as follows:

1.Dim those bedroom lights.

Lights make a person alert. You don’t need to be alert during intercourse. Instead, make yourself and your partner feel relaxed during foreplay and sex by putting those lights on dim and let the positive wild energy pass.

2.Feed her fantasies.

Women have a lot of fantasies and usually think of a lot of adventurous activities to try in the bedroom with their partners when it gets steamy under the sheets. Sometimes, they do hesitate to bring it to your notice. Be prepared in advance and ask her each time if there’s something wild she wants to try. Trust us, there’s a long list coming.

3.Touch the rights spots of her body.

Women have a few sensitive spots that turn them on immediately. During foreplay, feel those delicate areas that will arouse her more than anything. Explore and get to know those areas of her body that excites her, turning her on for the most awaited passionate sex.

4.Slow down and talk softly.

One of the ways to seduce your partner is slowing down the action or in general, talking softly and slowly. Explore patiently and speak slowly, taking enough necessary pauses in between, feeling the moment and making it even more memorable.

5.Give her a sensual and relaxing massage.

Get your masseur cap on making her feel special and relaxed with the magic of your fingers on her, along with those aromatic oils. She’d be thankful to you for the rest of her day. Bonus: you can also watch her moan, while you caress her body during the act.

6.Encourage talking about her needs.

Urge her to speak about her needs and wants and let her be the guide for the evening. She loves it when her guy considers things she’s into and acts upon it. The thought of taking charge itself will excite her more than anything.

7.Be a good listener.

As simple as it may be, being a good listener and carefully understanding when she says something is the best thing a girl would want during sex. When the man listens to her and acts upon it passionately, she feels better and gives her the idea that you value her thoughts.

8.Make passionate love.

The one tactic that makes your woman go crazy about you is making passionate love with her. Grab her face and bring her close to you and kiss her like there’s no tomorrow. Buy her some sexy lingerie and rip it off the moment she gets it on, wild and passionate, making her feel wanted.

9.Be generous with your tongue, teasing her a little at the same time.

Teasing your girl is and always will be the one trick that can keep her wanting you more desperately each time. Touch her at those delicate spots but don’t give her the entire pleasure of it until she literally begs for it. Tease her with hand moments and make good use of your tongue because the magic of clitoral stimulation makes her go crazy and makes her feel needy for penetration.

10.Get some good sleep.

Studies suggest that having a good night’s sleep boosts energy and a woman’s libido at the same time. A woman who sleeps for an extra hour boosts sex hormone, making them have the urge for sex more than a person who doesn’t consider sleep as an important aspect.
Women are not at all complicated in bed and are more clear and loud about their opinions and needs. Take the time out and listen to her fantasies and act upon it the next time you have a special day dedicated to sex. You’ll be surprised how excited she’d get the next time you want her desperately in bed.

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