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As Foreplay is key to love!

'Intimacy' is the seed of bonding, the first step towards a romantic relationship. When you give ‘that’ look to her, you convey love, belonging and passion in one go. That is intimacy. When you look for her everywhere- whether at home, party or at a park to hold her hand, that is intimacy. When you place her at par with yourself, that is…yes intimacy. And this intimacy is closely linked to foreplay, which if done in good quality will reap excellent quantities.

However, this is a rarely discussed thing here, even between couples. The lack of foreplay- right from sending a saucy text to her to making out, is quite alarming, as people usually neglect this wonderful delicate thing and want to go straight for ‘the act’.

This is where Playgard steps in. It inspires you to make your love life more playful, interesting and more fascinating. It adds spice to your love life.

Playgard believes in giving your partner more.

Show her you care. A lot. Touch her, caress her cheek, complement her every time, just hold her and plant the most amazing kiss on her lips.

Give her

  • Unique moments
  • Overwhelming experiences
  • Laughter

It’s all about enjoying the sunset together, hugging each other first in the morning and then checking the phone.

Years later, she will remember those little moments in the huge bag of love you brought for her with a wide smile on her face!

A man choosing Playgard as his pleasure partner will give a signal that he is a responsible, caring lover and knows how to give a good time to his girl.

Just like Playgard Super Dotted Condoms, enhanced with 50% more unique raised dots for greater pleasure.

She will surely be thinking about you all the time!


Give her More!