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In the Day

In the Day

It was early morning. Yuvraj’s eyes opened to the light creeping through the curtains. Laying beside him was Madhavi, his childhood girlfriend. At least, he thought so. Guess, crush would sound better. However today, after seventeen years of yearning, they lay together in bed. Thanks to Madhavi’s bad break up and Yuvraj’s never flinching support. They finally came together, how a puzzle fits. It was beautiful. The moment was even more beautiful. Yuvraj was just gazing at Madhavi who was sleeping. The picture was striking. He wanted to hold her, tighter than ever, and plant the biggest kiss ever. Then she opened her pearl-like grey eyes and saw him looking at her. She smiled. He was still staring at her.

Then suddenly, he walked towards her looking into her eyes and held her tightly.

He kissed her ever so softly on her cheeks. He then held her and caressed her back, feeling the ecstasy again as he slowly started to move his hands too. He kissed her again, whispering sweet nothings and repeating how beautiful she was looking in the radiant light. They gazed deep into each other’s eyes. His fingers on their accord, went over her shoulders, back and bottom, caressing them gently.

Her milky soft skin was heavenly. Yuvraj’s lips came as close as a soul in a body. Then they kissed again, more intense than the previous one. This one was deep, with their tongues wildly discovering each other. He gently pushed her on her back, fingers slowly moving towards her breasts, teasing them lovingly. He knew she liked it. He went further. He kissed them, they stood up.

With his right arm, he held her. She could hardly move this way, and that turned him on more than ever. His fingers touched her down ‘there’. It was warm and wet even before he came towards them. One finger between in there, and he knew she was up for it. Both of them slowly drifted away into that pleasure. Yuvraj had pinned Madhavi to the sheets and she started feeling him all over.

He started circling her clitoris and sliding down to her entrance. It made her back arch all the more. Her breathing became faster with his circular rhythmic movements. Added to that, he put his thumb into her mouth. She sucked it hard like never before, and he just wanted to give his all. To tease her, he slid his fingers into her once or twice more, and she writhed in pain.

The climax was nearing and yet she didn’t want to.

After an intensive one hundred and twenty seconds, Yuvraj heard the most soothing sound in the world. Her body shivered uncontrollably. The pleasure of taking her far beyond anything was more than a turn on for Yuvraj. She was like a mountain top that he had scaled, from her base to the center and again. He held her in her arms again while she regained her consciousness from their love making. She had the glow of an angel and he could just sit and look at her forever. She had become a part of him, something which he could never let go of.